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The Cherub's lovable ways! :)

Feb 8, 2009
For getting the facts,right...there is something with me n TRAVELING!!Either the flight is delayed or canceled or there is a turbulence during flight!!If none of this is there,then my luggage wouldn't have reached with me! :D

So here I was,Mid term hols from college n all set to go HOME!!Where I consider home is the place I grew up n has some wonderful memories !DOHA!(merely just hearing the name doha makes me smile while I am in Blore:) )All ready n packed n was about to leave from hostel when Dad rings me up n says that he got a call from Emirates,saying my evening flite frm blore to Dubai is canceled !! :( :( I was so DAMN irritated,more so ,the next day there was this huge party at home n I sooo wanted to be a part of IT!

n finally I settle for an early morning flite to dubai n thereafter a connecting flite to doha!!

The 1st flite s fine until we are just about to land,when the announcements come there is a heavy congestion at the DXB airport owing to the cold weather conditions there n there we were flying at the same altitude for around 20 minutes!! I imagined it to be a ride ,just circling n circling circling!!

Finally I get in to the airport at 8:10 AM local time!!My next flite is at 8:30AM!!HAD to go thru security check n luggage screening in a jiffy!!Crossed people in queue(after gettin some beautiful stares from them) n finally reached my departure gate at 8:25 to realize the 2 nd flite has been delayed by almost an hour!!

Sheesh!! Shouldn't have wasted my calories ,running all the way(considering the airport is a lil too BIG,for normal two-legged beings! :D )n should have had a bite at the duty free!!Well,well well....wht to do!!

There I was sitting all hungry,dejected,damn sleepy n tired when I notice this angelic kid,maybe about 4 or 5 years old!She was travelling with her(i s'ppose!)mother, n granparents!!She was singing n dancing n in short a nice lil entertainment to those 'exasperated-cos-of-the-delays' passengers,including me!I was lost in her world!!Her shweet lil songs wid her innocent laughter just mesmerized every1 there!

She started singing another song(not in a language I could recognize.Probably they were from the Far-East)and her grandfather makes her to stand in Attention position with her hands on the sides n straight n I realize maybe it's either a devotional song or their National Anthem!The whole audience listened with rapt attention,most of them wid a smile!After finishing her song,she gives a BOW turning in all the four directions with her small head almost touching the floor!One hand placed in front and the other behind!

A baby cried,nearby!A European family,I suppose!What the 4 year old angel does amazes me!!She goes to her mom,takes a chocolate n a cute teddy from her mom's bag n comes n offers to the wailing baby!! :) LOVE at its purest forms! :) :) :) There was just no colour or country or whatsoever difference here!Just a moment of goodness,inborn! :)

Will we,as adults,do that?Give our most prized possession to someone who is in distress so as to bring a smile.Do we lose our benevolence as age advances??Is HUMANENESS inversely proportional to a man's age?

Boarding the second flite,I glanced at her again!

God Bless u,Lil one!! :) :) :)

U made me smile,angel! :)

Till next,
Fly high!! :) :)