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Oct 26, 2010
....the previous one was my first post from mastory!!! :)

.....I prefer to call it Home!

It has been 4 years,2 months that I have been staying in Bangalore!Some beautiful memories that I hope my mind is never erased of it,some so painful that my heart wrenches at the mere thought of it!!

Most of the memories are connected wid staying at 312,the place I have stayed for 3 years ,5 months and the very same place I will be vacating widin a few weeks!

Heart tinges !

The innumerable PG(paying guest) mates I had-Anu chechi,Rajitha chechi,Lachu chechi,Shahina di,Shahnaz di,Salma di,Jilmy chechi,Monu,Eti,Sujatha mam,Noble chechi,Risha di,Nazia di,Archana,Samina,Anupama di.....Read it as Dip.,BBA,MBA Students, Docs,Nurses,Dentist,Engineers,Teachers!! The assortment!The complete package!The different things I have learnt from all of them...May it be North Indian Recipies,words n phrases of various languages,about the customs & festivals of their places.The innumerable gossip sessions,serious discussions about life n religion, decision making time,shopping sprees,b'day celebrations & treats and much girl talk!!Wish I had clicked a pic of each of these occasions then!

I used to hear Assamese or Bengali or Marathi etc being spoken at such fast pace wondering if full stop wasn't in their vocabulary,then realising that when I speak Malayalam,they too would be finding it so very complicated!

The many room mates I had and how they used to see me struggling wid my books and how a cup of coffee was made for me to last through the night .No questions,no answers!

Face pack time,henna,feet in hot bubble :D,100 of moisturizer try out,sharing beauty tips-innumerable craziness u try out only when u r in a company of girls!!

If someone went out for shopping n how every stuff would be checked out,dissected,appreciated by everyone when she s back!! :)

Layout roaming for vegetables,utensils,masala powder,n at times fish,mutton n chicken-things which till then v had seen only our mothers do!!

First time trying of gulab jamun,rasgulla,cutlet,samoosa,sewai,karanjee and shared by everyone with a cup of coffee!Talking about cooking,its the first place where I tried it ever!!Now atleast I now how to put salt,chilli powder,turmeric powder while making a curry!Maybe my future hubby will not starve after all ! :D

The terrace-our place to star gaze,bird watch or maybe even spend a still moment while depression hits!

I loved it for the residential area it was in,the masjid next to our place -hearing the Azan was always a solace for me!The aunty I used to see always when I used to sit on the stairs while in Pre-maghrib Dhikr!

I have forever been surrounded by noise and people-be it at home(considering I have 3 siblings) or till now at hostel-home,now I am gonna shift to a single room PG.I have no clue if I can handle the silence!

And Life goes on......

Till Next,
View from outside our home
Fly high! :)