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    Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but never our hearts. (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr)

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    When nothing can comfort you, His words can. His words always will.

  • Some days, the view looks scary. Trust Him. He is the Best of Planners.

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    Clouds come floating in to my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky. (Tagore)

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    For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be.(John Connolly)

MCD- 9

Nov 25, 2011
College Auditorium

Sept 20, 2011 - Graduation day

Graduation from a student to a doctor...with all its uncertainty ,

"Am I really ready to handle the challenges? "

"Will I live upto the expectation of the two initials before my name?"

"Will I be successful in my career?" and a million questions.....

Ever since I first witnessed the graduation Day program of my super seniors when I was in 1st year, have been eagerly waiting for my BIG DAY and Alhamdulilah it truly was a fantabulous day !

Hippocratic Oath
Like I updated on my personal profile :
"Insha'allah,Less than 12 hours to go for my Graduation Day - The first big event of my life ! Dono what I feel now ! May everything go good for each & everyone of us !! =)"
That was my un-explainable emotion the day before the function.

Getting Ready. Saree Troubles. Smiles. Photo Shoot. The graduation gown. Graduation March.Lighted Candles.Seating on our designated seats. Rising up to take The Hippocratic Oath. Changing the Tassel from left to right.Jubilation. Being called on stage for finally receiving my Bachelor of Dental Surgery Award. Being called on stage twice again for topping in two final year subjects. Speaking on behalf of the Outgoing Interns . Throwing the Cap in unison. Congratulatory messages. Laughter. Happiness. Happiness. Hapiness.

It truly was the most ''proudest'' day of my life , till date. Receiving the Degree in front of my two dearest people , who flew in all the way from Doha to Bangalore just for the occasion - My loving parents. My Biggest Doors to Jannah. I hope I did make you people proud ! :)

To all my dearest classmates, whom I have spent 5 years of my life growing up with, I will miss each and everyone of you ! You have taught me in ways more than anyone else. For a girl who grew up in the Arabian Gulf and oblivious of the bigger world, you people truly enriched me with experiences and memories, I otherwise wouldn't have . I came to know about the different festivals , the various cuisine in different parts of India , even our varied response to a particular situation. Kite flying festival - Uttarayan, Bihu , Navratri, Holi, Dhokla, Rasgulla even Pani Puri - The different names I had read in my geography text only until I came to Bangalore. I truly did experience a cultural diaspora among st you guys.

Class of 2011
I repeat the same words from my graduation speech.... " to a childhood friend who was always there, to a sibling who was never too busy , to a teacher who believed in our potential " Yes ! I have a million people to say my thanks and gratitude to ! :) ( a different blog post , I suppose ! )

I wonder what tomorrow holds for me. But I leave it to my Rabb. He has blessed me every single minute until now, even more than I deserved. So then how can I not trust HIM - Al Wadud - The Loving

.....and as the name of our event suggested, (UDGAMA 2011- The Rising star )
May we all rise to reach the pinnacle of glory in our personal, professional and spiritual life !

Heaven lies at her feet.

Nov 23, 2011

Dua of a Single Muslimah =)

Nov 20, 2011

"Ya Rabb, bless me with a spouse who is the coolness of my eyes in this life & helps me to attain Jannathul-firdaus-al'alaa in the next "


MCD- 8

Nov 19, 2011
For the innumerable people I have met during the course of my college years :

In course of time,innumerable people are gonna cross our path..some of them we end up being close to..some expand our horizon of thoughts..some are there for just a season..some break our hearts...with some we are our absolute best...some help us in revealing to ourselves,our-not-so-good-side...with some it is just gonna be a smile-while-we-cross-the-corridors-relationship...some, just another face on the street...but with every person,we are gonna polish a facet of our character, learn a new way of handling with situations, in short, every person on our way leaves their footprints on our hearts,in some way or the other!

MCD- 7

Nov 18, 2011

I had updated this on twitter on May 28,2011. Feel it deserves a sure shot blog mention ! :)

There are many people to whom I shud say my thanks to as I head towards the final few months of college (Insha'allah).One sure is Ish Aunty & her family for the innumerable help done to me during my 5 years of college. That is one relationship in Blore that I am sure grateful for.Alhamdulilah.

'Supporting me left & right when my 2nd year results got withheld & then again sharing my happiness,when the results came & I topped,alhamdulilah.Consoling me when my cash got stolen or when I got robbed or how can I forget ,the countless times she made food for me during Ramadan,both Suhoor & Ifthar.Making sure everyone around was 'quiet' just because I was studying & motivating me all the time I was down.There were many times I missed Umma terribly & I wud go talk to her & somewhere I wud just feel alright.'

Thankyou for everything u have done for me.Thankyou for trusting me wid everything.Thank you for always making sure that I dint spend my Eid alone & that I wasnt lonely.Thankyou for considering me as a child of yours ! :)

Monu,u r really one of the closest friends I had in college & the bestest roomie ever.I miss our talking till late nite/serials-on-colours & other tv shows/ girl craziness/& everything else I shared wid u !