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    Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but never our hearts. (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr)

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    When nothing can comfort you, His words can. His words always will.

  • Some days, the view looks scary. Trust Him. He is the Best of Planners.

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    Clouds come floating in to my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky. (Tagore)

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    For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be.(John Connolly)

Lab pe aati he dua

Nov 30, 2010
 Melodious voice...Beautiful song

Till Next,
Fly High! :)

A detour or a straight road? :)

Nov 24, 2010
In the cross-roads of life,that is the position I am in now!

After struggling 4 years with books,day & night,I realize,I need to go on
longer if I really wanna be in some 'position' & also maybe struggle again a year more with entrance books to struggle 3 more years!(Three times ,the word struggle ! :D)

I am going through what every Intern goes through-Uncertainity!

Is the whole lot of information I MUGGED UP gonna be a waste?

Am I gonna do my post graduation,If so in which branch of dentistry?

In which part of the world am I gonna settle down?India or the middle east or still farther?

Depending on the country depends my future study plans,so again,a whole lot of question marks!

How is my clinical practice going to be?

Entrance exams with the big E!

& many more sawaal


One thing,life has taught me...
Whatever is decided by God is what is gonna happen
& eventually always it is the BEST!!

Just Trust in Lord-dad always tells us-& I realize its power!

Till Next,

Fly High! :)


Nov 19, 2010
Out of all the 19 subjects I have,the one I feared the most and struggled the best was ANATOMY-First year subject!

Now am back to struggling with it....for Cedees.

Thats when I thought....

There are 206 bones,more than 650 muscles,31 bilaterally paired spinal nerves,45 miles of nerves,5 million hair on our body of which 100 000 are on our head....

Nerve impulse travel at the speed of 400 km/hr,heart beats around 100000 times per day,our blood is on a 60000 mile journey,25 million new cells are being produced every second....

One square inch of human skin contains 625 sweat glands...

There are 137 million light sensitive cells in the eye's retina and fluid that fills the eye is changed 15 times a day....

Just quoting a very few facts about the human body....

All this in one human being...

There are about 6.8 billion people on earth,alive that is....

so multiplying the above numbers by 6.8 billion..

Mind boggling,ain't it?

& All under the control of The Creator!The Highest Power!The Lord of the worlds!


Such is His power! Subhana'allah!

All Praise is duly & surely to Him, Alone!!

n we are so powerless that we cannot memorize even the names of the different bones and nerves,completely !!

With such proof in front of him,how can anyone deny the existence of God!?!

Subhana'allah! Subhana'allah ! Subhana'allah!

Till Next,
Fly High! :)

Eid Mubarak! :)

Nov 17, 2010
Eid Mubarak !! :)

Am away from home,yet again in Blore for this Eid-normal course ,I would have been a wee lil :( !!

But, for a change! :) :)

New dress-without which Eid isn't just eid! :)
Good time at my friend's place! :)
The early morning travel through Blore town! :)
The 'mallus' I met & someone telling, " I have met you somewhere" and likewise feeling ! :)
Description of my new dress to Sis n Mom! :)
Talking to GrandPa and hearing his lovely laughter! :)
The innumerable calls & messages! :)
& Yes, Learning to live each moment! :)

The only person who can make you happy is URSELF! :) - A friends advice recently!

Alhamdulilah! :)

All Praise be to the Almighty,for all His Bountiful blessings! :)

& Once again,

Till Next,
Fly High! :)

Cycle of Life !!

Nov 16, 2010
My previous post reminded me of an incident :

Last year,during the final internal practical exams of Prosthodontics,I had a 70 year old patient-a complete denture patient......

Complete denture in simple words means the artifical set that old people wear.Fabrication of complete denture was our final year exercise for Prosthodontics,which was a truly messy and strenuous experience!!

Coming back to the exam, we have to complete one step of complete denture fabrication in a stipulated period of time on the basis of which we would be graded!

Recording the case history of the patients is a must before we start every case and so there I was,with butterflies in my stomach,all geared up and asking the patient for his occupation,address and family history and he narrates his tale........

" I have 4 sons.The first one is an engineer,studied in the same college,second one has done his MBA,third one finished his B.com and is into business and the youngest one is done with his graduation..

They are all in separate places well settled and quite happy with their lives.Very glad that they have done well in life......

Our house was always filled wid noise,fights and much racket.U can imagine with 4 boys.It's an eerie silence now.I wish I cud rewind to those days.Then I had complained about the noise,now I complain about the silence.....

What can I do? I cannot tell them to sit at home and be with me.It would be quite selfish of me.They too need to find their way out & look after their families!!

I never knew loneliness was a major part of post-retirement life!...... "

Rest of the exam was a blur for me....

A silent prayer for him....
& all those left alone!

Till Next,
Fly High ! :)

She was always their topmost priority !

Nov 15, 2010
 Her birth was the happiest day of their life
Her first step was their proudest moment
Her first word was like their own achievement

Leaving her alone at her kindergarten class for the first time;    
left them in tears!

Her entry into school was yet another chapter in their life
The innumerable prizes won at school...
The welcome songs and dance...
The injured knee,the broken leg,the disturbed mind
They were there always!

Leaving home for college,they prayed heartfelt,
that no harm touches their lil one..
That college doesn't change their angel's ways..

Her graduation day,taking the Hippocrates oath
their eyes glistening with happiness,excitement and pride!

Early morning,wearing the white coat and running to the hospital,
yes,indeed their daughter has achieved her dreams &
they praised the Almighty!

On her wedding day,they prayed her better half will
love her more than they did!

The grandchildren lighted up their ailing minds
and brought noise in their house again!

She was always their topmost priority!


She forgot to say a 'thank you' for the mobile phone & laptop 
and the innumerable luxuries they provided her with

She inadvertently missed to mention them on her graduation speech

She settled down in another city so that she could live life on her own

She got busy with husband's office functions & kid's school play

She was helping patients ,day in and day out,but couldn't
read her dad's painful eyes

She didn't realize they were growing old,frail and lonely


She was always their topmost priority!

Till Next,
Fly High ! :)

The World I want.....

Nov 14, 2010
The World I want is where kindness,compassion & peace are not just words,but action!

The World I want is where poverty,rape & murder are not action but just words in an old dusty dictionary!

The World I want is where oppression & concentration camps are a thing of the past!

The World I want is where freedom & summer camps can be afforded and enjoyed by every child alike!

Thw World I want is where terrorists don't kill 'innocent'
& where 'innocent' aren't labelled terrorists!

The World I want is where colour of skin doesn't matter but colour of heart does!

The World I want is where man distributes his money like honey bee share its honey!

The World I want is where green leaves increase but green eyed monsters decrease!

The World I want is where no stomach goes hungry,no family goes homeless and no child grows up without feeling loved!

The World I want is where every butterfly,peacock,and tiger get its rightful place under the sun!

The World I want is where U and I firmly know, that He is up there,taking care of us,no matter what!

Till Next,
Fly High! :)