She was always their topmost priority !

Nov 15, 2010
 Her birth was the happiest day of their life
Her first step was their proudest moment
Her first word was like their own achievement

Leaving her alone at her kindergarten class for the first time;    
left them in tears!

Her entry into school was yet another chapter in their life
The innumerable prizes won at school...
The welcome songs and dance...
The injured knee,the broken leg,the disturbed mind
They were there always!

Leaving home for college,they prayed heartfelt,
that no harm touches their lil one..
That college doesn't change their angel's ways..

Her graduation day,taking the Hippocrates oath
their eyes glistening with happiness,excitement and pride!

Early morning,wearing the white coat and running to the hospital,
yes,indeed their daughter has achieved her dreams &
they praised the Almighty!

On her wedding day,they prayed her better half will
love her more than they did!

The grandchildren lighted up their ailing minds
and brought noise in their house again!

She was always their topmost priority!


She forgot to say a 'thank you' for the mobile phone & laptop 
and the innumerable luxuries they provided her with

She inadvertently missed to mention them on her graduation speech

She settled down in another city so that she could live life on her own

She got busy with husband's office functions & kid's school play

She was helping patients ,day in and day out,but couldn't
read her dad's painful eyes

She didn't realize they were growing old,frail and lonely


She was always their topmost priority!

Till Next,
Fly High ! :)