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    Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but never our hearts. (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr)

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    When nothing can comfort you, His words can. His words always will.

  • Some days, the view looks scary. Trust Him. He is the Best of Planners.

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    Clouds come floating in to my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky. (Tagore)

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    For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be.(John Connolly)

Ring in the NEW!!

Dec 31, 2008
Some of my best moments of 2008!!.....

Sis's Marriage! :)

Wishing my dearest Sis the Very BEST.......

Hoping that u find happiness n joy in every moment to come!!

May all the tears of ur yesterdays be erased by the smiles of today n laughter of tomorrow!

Keep Smiling!!

The JOY at my home!

Topping College! :) tht was sure surprising!!

Meeting some old friends!! :)

New Born Baby at home!

New Friends!

Adventures during travels to doha n kerala!


Till next,
Fly High!! :)

Nov Highs! :)

Nov 30, 2008
Basically,I am scribbling this so tht november doesnt go wid out a post! :)

The only difference about novemeber was,I worked on my first patient.......!!A 11 year old kid.....from one of the slums nearby....his was a pretty easy,uncomplicated case...thank God !!coz ....yeah I had butterflies in my stomach!.....its getting better of late,though....the butterflies part!!

n I realize its my first step of the professional-ride!! :) All s in the Hands of Almighty! :)

N a line from one of the medical thrillers by Robin Cook ,about practice, They range from so sublimely joyous to so sublimely sad,yet so uniquely human!

n Waiting for Sport's day,College day,Eid n most of all Dec 21,Insha'allah!!...

Till Next,
Fly High!!

Randomness Indeed!

Oct 8, 2008
hey!! i jus wanna type all tht have been happening!! :)

my results did come but a week after the rest of the results came!mine were withheld due to some technical error in the university!n it came a week later!!wht a week it was!?!but wen it came I was jumping,shrieking n screaming! :)Alhamdulilah,it went gud!

some thing tht i have been prayin for sooooo long jus became so ,2 days back!!! n I am on top of the mooonnn!!

3rd year started n it is goin in full swing !!clinicals n discussions!! :) :(

met an old skool fren last week n man wasn't i overjoyed!!so much of old talk caught up on!!n it was nice hear her blabbber n blabber n blabber!

Eid came n went!n again it was me being al aloone in this big city!missed my family n missed all those close to me!!but I suppose v gotta b in situations like this to 'realize' our loved ones n gud times wid dem!!

An earlier post I had prayed wish I get a roomie to fast along wid me!!n WOW!! i got a new rooomieee!!jus as I wished!! lol!! :)

One thing I cannot stand is liars n fakers.....n life mostly puts me in situations wid such people....y??

At times,I jus wanna finish wid all this,wid my course n college n run back home n other times wen I think of it,I don want it to End!I dont want to enter the next phase -job hunting-!!I want to continue this carefree days!!

Just some gibberish post.....all tht came to my mind...

Till next,
Fly high!!
Sep 10, 2008
Its gud bye time n results time for me!What a combination!!

G'd bye ,home

2nd year results abt 2 come...........aaah!

Till next,
Fly High! :)

Seconds,seconds n just seconds!

Sep 9, 2008
The timings of the different runners of the 100 m dash at the Beijing Olympics just left me wonder struck ,when thought abt!

The Gold Medalist and the Track fields new hero ,Usain Bolt of Jamaica,came running the 100 m at just 9.69 seconds...

The Silver Medalist,Richard Thompson,came in at 9.89 seconds,two-tenths of a second behind and loss of an olympic gold medal!

The Bronze medalist at 9.91 ....that is 0.02 seconds behind and loss of the silver medal!

Fourth runner came in 9.93 seconds ,again the same difference in seconds!

So,its basically a matter of miniscule of seconds whether your name is in obscurity or whether u clinch the coveted medals n record!This is surely 'competition' in the highest form seen!

Most of these athletes train day in and day out ,toil n moil for 4 years ,only at times to lose the medal coz of being tenth s of a SECOND behind!

N most of the time,unfortunately,we fail to recognize this,that its just a matter of time n minutes n seconds ,that makes a difference!!

Smile on!

Till next,
Fly high! :)

Ahlan,Shahru Ramadan!

Sep 1, 2008

The Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan has knocked our doors!...

Today is the first day of fasting in the Middle East and in India(i am not sure about other places!)

It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and fasting is one of the Five Pillars of Islam...

It is a time for prayers,spiritual reflection and reformation,doing good deeds,alms and spending time wid one's family and friends...

The best I remember about Ramadan during my childhood is the Ifthar(breaking-fast) parties at family ,friends and our community clubs and the Taraweeh and Qiyam ul lail prayers at our local mosque!As a child,I remember how I used to be woken up for the pre-dawn meal(Suhoor)!Used to eat the meal...half sleepy! Alhamdulilah(All Praise be to Allah!), I get to be at my home for this years Ramadan,though for a few days,before I go back to college and hostel!

Having been brought up in the Middle East, I have grown up seeing the Ramadan spirit,aura,feeling around, during the season but now being in one of the metros of India,I miss the same 'spirit'around!but surely Ramadan isn't in the spirit around but in the spirit and feeling within oneself!

The special delicacies at home,for Ifthar, prepared by Momma,Cutlets,Samoosas,Payampori(banana fry) and innumerable other dishes is gonna be missed by me once I go back!Meanwhile lemme enjoy them while I am here! :)

Arranging them at our dining table,waiting for the Maghrib Adhan(Sunset Call to Prayer),hearing the call to prayer, and then eating dates&drinking water/juice to quench our thirst....it is surely a blissful feeling!At the time of breaking fast,no prayer is left unheard!...

But then ,the thought goes to the Millions of people around the globe without one square meal a day!When will their "Maghribb Adhan" come?If fasting 30 days a year considered tough by some people(May Allah strengthen their Iman-faith),how do these folks survive?Ezp the worse affected being children,below 10 years of age!
Lets reconsider our luck,in having a family to hang on,food to live on, n faith to grow on and praise God Almighty for His bountiful blessings!

May The Almighty accept our Fasts,prayers n good deeds!

May The Almighty help sisters n brothers in distress,the world over!


( n I seriously hope I get a hostel mate,after I go back,to fast along with me!So that I am not alone for Suhoor and Ifthar and Taraweeh!)

Till Next,
Fly High! :)

Yours lovingly,

Aug 27, 2008

Going thru my room at home n trying to clear up the junk of many yester years,I cam upon loads n loads of letters!Cleaning was stopped in between n rest of the time went in reading them!Boy,wasn't I glad!Thr were tonnes frm my granparents, frm back home in India,cozins,many frm my skool frens who have left the country,many I myself have written as replies but have never posted! :)

Grandparents...the ever epitome of love!How rightly it is said,........Every generation revolts against its fathers and makes friends with its grandfathers. Being far away from them n visiting them only once a year ,for every summer, I did miss out the 'fun' most of the kids have,but they regularly send us letters enquiring about studies,health n advices n most of all ...their love n prayers,widout which we wouldn't have reached whr v r n for all the things yet to come!!I have treasured them n reading it again does bring a tear always!

From my cozins.innumerable uncles n aunts....I used to love the ones ezp frm lil cozins..jus learning to put all the words tog....thr was love n care written all over,widout them knowing!Now we r all in different walks of life,in different places n countries(at times not recognizing each others while once in a blue moon v meet up) n letters have obviously dwindled among us all!Though E-mail/MSN/Yahoo/Gtalk n other innumerable messengers n Orkut/Facebook have come up.....keeping in touch is a pretty rare phenomenon!

One of my closest frens while in primary skool relocated to a different continent while in 5 th grade n believe me v kept in touch for years thru letters!(yeah ,yeah ,yeah handwritten letters!)Frankly I dono whether I'll ever take the effort,now, to keep in touch wid any1 thru letters!Reading thru her letters,made me think about those times....The much awaited P.E class,Welcome Songs at Annual Day(in which v both h ad taken part!),Badminton games at our colony(she was an awesome badminton player ) n many more memories which time was slowly erasing from my system!(In one of dem I have written to her...plz dont send typed letters...plz write in ur own handwriting!Gosh!)Lost in touch wid her while I moved back to India for my college but a few months back ,caught her again on Facebook!so now its facebook posting!but thats nothing compared to those oldddd letters!

My Best Fren,Nins,shifted to India after 10th n after her first term in her new skool,she send me a letter regarding each n everything in her skool.....n guess how many pages it was?!?...116!!116 letter Pad Pages!Boy!My dad was bawled over wen he saw the 2 extremely thick envelopes at his mailbox! :D ....Readin it was the best part,It was like a calendar of events!Still read thru wenever I come home n get reminded of those lovely days!!(lemme take this chance to say a big THANKU....if ever u come across this blog or not..Thanku for everything,for being bestest of ma freinds,for being in touch though v have been in separate places for 5 yrs now,for lightening my spirits before those bloody exams,for being wid me thru all down times n for always ringing me up at the MOST APPROPRIATE of times!Not every1 ll have a best fren like u,dear...!)

n yet there were many letters,old family frens,sis' frens n the likes...........

I wonder,does any letter come to our mailbox now,besides the occasional courier or post or wedding invitation!

Orkut scraps,Facebook posts n many more social networking sites r the 'in' thing now....but do they really replace the letters,in one's own handwritings??Is it the same feeling?

Till Next,
Fly High! :)

Another lifetime!!

Aug 25, 2008
I just came across the video 'The Last Lecture:Achieving your childhood dreams" by Carnegie Mellon Professor,Dr. Randy Pausch,which incidentally became his last lecture before he left for his eternal abode on July 25,2008,after fighting a battle wid pancretic cancer.

The video makes one wonder about his amazing spirit though he knew cells in his body were going haywire,his ability to laugh inspite,his logical reasoning ,his innate academia,...

In the presentation,he lists down his childhood dreams and how he have realized them and about enabling others dreams!.....some of his dreams

  • being in zero gravity
  • to play in NFL
  • to be an Imagineer in Disney
  • to author an article in World Book Encyclopeadia ..n so on...

(Wow!I never knew people would have such specific dreams of childhood!Some people are jus born to make it big, I s'ppose)
That set me thinking...to jot down my childhood dreams! :)

  • To become a neurosurgeon,after reading about Dr Ben Carson,the famous neurosurgeon(though it is not my chosen line of profession now... I am a dentist in training,Insha'allah...I am glad I had a dream so ! ) :)
  • To be a Journalist,Archaeologist,Astronaut or Mathematics Teacher,at some point or other! :) (haha even writing about it makes me smile!Its nice to b a kid n dream ,wht am I gonna b! )
  • To study in a college which has a huge campus,a town within! (wow!lord! Thank God for making ths come true!) :)
  • To be like my dad (dono if I ll ever reach thr....He is my huge Role model!) :)
  • To write stories like Famous Five,Secret Seven (by Enid Blyton),for kids,bcoz I grew up reading n loving 'em! :)
  • To work with WHO/UNICEF....work in Africa (hehe...!! ) :)
  • To go skiing!especially after watching movies in which kids play wid snow n ice ...... :)
  • To play tennis n b like Pete Sampras,Steffi Graf n Martina Hingis!(Woah!!....some dreams!I used to adore those stars as a kid n love the game,but have never tried it till date! ) :)

Childhood.....jus wish it could come back!!Its innocence,joy,laughter,pranks,ice creams,chocolates,hugs, n dreams!! Its a period like NO other!

Till next!
Fly high! :)

Sir, Who am I?!?

Aug 22, 2008
Imagine waking up one day,not being able to figure out who v r,not knowing whr v are or even who our families r!

This is the case of 24 million people affected world wide wid Alzheimer's and senile dementia.

Alzheimer’s disease, brain disease, is a neuro-degenerative disorder which causes a gradual deterioration of permanent nerve cells, causing senile dementia.
The disease leads to an impact on the daily lives of patients: it is accompanied by a gradual deterioration of events leading intellectual, psychological and behavioural disorders leading to a loss of autonomy.

Much have been circulated in the media regarding these neuro-degenerative disorders ,......A Beautiful Mind(movie and the book), U me aur hum(a hindi movie) ..to name a few!I dint realise the full implications of this disease until I saw a loved one struggling wid it!

I grew up knewing her as an-all efficient,pious n kind hearted lady who gave her cent percent to her family,until IT struck her.The minute difficulties of not being able to read the time,forgetting the no of times she had done her mandatory 5 times prayers,initially, changed to not being able to recognize her own sons or not being able to say her own name,forgettin the recent incidents but still recalling situations and stories heard 25 years ago.

All through the stages of the disease,her faith in GOD was intact,remembering every prayer,every dua she learnt as a child.

God had blessed her with an amazing family-a pillar of strength, her husband, and 7 supporting children and innumerable grandkids who made sure that she would never realise her weakness,who enveloped her with all the love and care they could,who prayed for her every minute and who were there by her bedside till she breathed her last.

Medical science suggests many drugs like Donepezil,Rivastigmine,Minocycline and so on as medication for the disease(ther r no drugs as of now to cure the illness,they only slow down the disease) but the best treatment for this cognitive function declining disease is the drug of LOVE and SUPPORT from family and loved ones.No medication can surpass tht.The 24 million people affected are not so lucky, as a percentage of them are left in old-age homes and Alzheimer's rehabilitation centres by their own sons.These 'homes' are made of stone bricks and money buying materials,not of care,love and ties so essential for the patient.

A silent prayer for the millions affected.........

A prayer everyday,for her..

(ref:wikipedia n my physio,pharmac professors)

Till next,
Fly high! :)

Un-realised Metamorphosis!

The last time I opened the blog was 6 months ago.......!!6 mnths...how time flies!!

I remember the New Year's eve.....was on the terrace of my hostel...enjoying the fireworks.....and now its almost the 9th month now!2008....it has taught me lots!to grow up from a care-free gal to a matured-decision taking,voicing-opinions lady,I should say!:P

(from)The last time I posted the blog,.......

I was in the mid of my second year..now am done wid my year end exams! :)

I didnot know Responsibility begins wid a big capital, letter R! :)

I hadn't realized abt the fragility of life!

I hadn't thought about the truth called death!

I used to think life would go on as we decide/want,realising now tht IT has its own plans n its always have been for the good!

I used to be less-listening!

I knew lesser number of people than now!

I understand now tht adversities bring loved ones closer,families nearer!

I have learnt to look at every situation from a different angle,every cloud does have its silver lining,only tht we tend to overlook it!

I have tried out some diet plans, n for the first ever time in the recorded history of my life I have reduced the intake of sweets!!

I have learnt tooth preparation and amalgam restoration a lil better!

I share a better rapport wid my friends n professors than ever!

n changes n changes!

n I have realised CHANGE is surely one of the PERMANENT aspect of life!

till next(mayb another 6 months!:)
fly high! :)

Adios ,home!!

Feb 12, 2008
Well,it's goodbye time for me!I am leaving home today!! :(

Goodbyes !! I have always hated it! n frankly speaking,I never say a proper goodbye to the people close to me...I just cannot!

A few summers ago,while I was coming back from my grandparent's place, I dint say a proper bye n salaam to my grandma.Regret it to this day!coz I never got another chance to!

'Where we love is home-home that our feet may leave,but never our hearts!"-Oliver Wendell Holmes,Sr

How true!! :)

But another positive aspect about Goodbyes,they always mean a fresh start to a new beginning! :)Yeah ,I am looking forward to the second half of my second year!Since the externals are just another 5 to 6 months away,this would mean more of tooth carving,setting,cavity preparation n more of dental antics! :)

I am looking forward to being with my friends again!To start our daily routine of getting up at the last minute but still making it on time for the 8' O clock class,hunting for food since our mess has been off for the past 2 months n we just cannot find out another mess satisfying our 'mallu' tastebuds,trying to catch up on all the latest movies together,playing with wax to make occlusion rim(practical work again!)at 12 in the night n calling up each other to scream,"What the hell!?!I just cannot get this right!!To the person who made wax,alginate,plaster,impression compound n wht not!?!..Aaaaaaaaargh!!"

Lemme go catch up on my sleep!!Have got a long flight with a 5 hours transit in between!Wonder what I am gonna do then!Hope I have a talkative cum chatterbox co-passenger! :) I always wish for this.....n yeah my travels have always been exciting! :)

Till next,
Fly high!! :)

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem....

In the Name of God,the most Beneficent,the most Merciful!

Yeah.....let that be my first words in this blogosphere!

mmm...I wanted to be in this blogging world for some time now and the person who introduced me on to this ,my sis!:) Have always been the most happiest when I am deep down in thought with a pen in my hand...but that has suffered a serious blow with a change-of-environment,a hectic course to handle n good old laziness factor!Hope the blogging world gives me enough reason to start it all over again especially overcome the 'inertia' factor!

The ramblings of a jobless stargazer...
Ramblings....because this is most probably gonna be incoherent cum unconnected talk of a normal teenager!This might as well be the normal jotting down I 'used to do ' in my diary!

Jobless....mainly bcoz I have been jobless for the past 18 days (mid term break from college)!n yeah today is actually my last day at home n I have been wanting to write my post since the first day I reached here.Well, just got time only today!!(Read it as 'last-minuter! )......does that make any sense?? Jobless...n got time only today!! :)

Stargazer.......I am a 24/7 dreamer!I don't exactly have an answer when people ask me 'What do u dream about?'....Seriously don't!!Mostly bcoz it isn't one thought or one emotion..it is a bucketful of them!

n the reason for smileysmilez...
maybe coz I love this Emoticon! :)
maybe coz I am a Dental student....n the usual fate of dental students /line among them is 'Sacrifice one's own smile so as to beautify/better the publics smile'! :)
maybe coz I was called smiley central by some friends back in school! :)

Actually it was a spontaneous thing..I just typed in what came to my head when they said to give in the URL!:)

As for a lil intro.....I am a 2nd year college going student ,doing my Bachelor of Dental Surgery(B.D.S)program.I adore my sweet family which includes my mom,dad,an elder sis,two younger bros.Every decision I make,every path I choose is with them in my mind.They mean the world to me!How do one go on in life without 'family-not-by-birth-but-by-choice-or-circumstance'.......friends?Yeah ..I too have my bundle...the childhood bunch..the school group..the college gang!Cannot place one above the other!

Thats all...as of now!
Fly high!