Un-realised Metamorphosis!

Aug 22, 2008
The last time I opened the blog was 6 months ago.......!!6 mnths...how time flies!!

I remember the New Year's eve.....was on the terrace of my hostel...enjoying the fireworks.....and now its almost the 9th month now!2008....it has taught me lots!to grow up from a care-free gal to a matured-decision taking,voicing-opinions lady,I should say!:P

(from)The last time I posted the blog,.......

I was in the mid of my second year..now am done wid my year end exams! :)

I didnot know Responsibility begins wid a big capital, letter R! :)

I hadn't realized abt the fragility of life!

I hadn't thought about the truth called death!

I used to think life would go on as we decide/want,realising now tht IT has its own plans n its always have been for the good!

I used to be less-listening!

I knew lesser number of people than now!

I understand now tht adversities bring loved ones closer,families nearer!

I have learnt to look at every situation from a different angle,every cloud does have its silver lining,only tht we tend to overlook it!

I have tried out some diet plans, n for the first ever time in the recorded history of my life I have reduced the intake of sweets!!

I have learnt tooth preparation and amalgam restoration a lil better!

I share a better rapport wid my friends n professors than ever!

n changes n changes!

n I have realised CHANGE is surely one of the PERMANENT aspect of life!

till next(mayb another 6 months!:)
fly high! :)