Another lifetime!!

Aug 25, 2008
I just came across the video 'The Last Lecture:Achieving your childhood dreams" by Carnegie Mellon Professor,Dr. Randy Pausch,which incidentally became his last lecture before he left for his eternal abode on July 25,2008,after fighting a battle wid pancretic cancer.

The video makes one wonder about his amazing spirit though he knew cells in his body were going haywire,his ability to laugh inspite,his logical reasoning ,his innate academia,...

In the presentation,he lists down his childhood dreams and how he have realized them and about enabling others dreams!.....some of his dreams

  • being in zero gravity
  • to play in NFL
  • to be an Imagineer in Disney
  • to author an article in World Book Encyclopeadia ..n so on...

(Wow!I never knew people would have such specific dreams of childhood!Some people are jus born to make it big, I s'ppose)
That set me thinking...to jot down my childhood dreams! :)

  • To become a neurosurgeon,after reading about Dr Ben Carson,the famous neurosurgeon(though it is not my chosen line of profession now... I am a dentist in training,Insha'allah...I am glad I had a dream so ! ) :)
  • To be a Journalist,Archaeologist,Astronaut or Mathematics Teacher,at some point or other! :) (haha even writing about it makes me smile!Its nice to b a kid n dream ,wht am I gonna b! )
  • To study in a college which has a huge campus,a town within! (wow!lord! Thank God for making ths come true!) :)
  • To be like my dad (dono if I ll ever reach thr....He is my huge Role model!) :)
  • To write stories like Famous Five,Secret Seven (by Enid Blyton),for kids,bcoz I grew up reading n loving 'em! :)
  • To work with WHO/UNICEF....work in Africa (hehe...!! ) :)
  • To go skiing!especially after watching movies in which kids play wid snow n ice ...... :)
  • To play tennis n b like Pete Sampras,Steffi Graf n Martina Hingis!(Woah!!....some dreams!I used to adore those stars as a kid n love the game,but have never tried it till date! ) :)

Childhood.....jus wish it could come back!!Its innocence,joy,laughter,pranks,ice creams,chocolates,hugs, n dreams!! Its a period like NO other!

Till next!
Fly high! :)


  1. Princess Mia said...:

    ah that was a cute post....got me thinking of my childhood dreams ;)...

    saw u blogroll, thanks.
    see ya around ;)

  1. Kavitha said...:

    hey..thanks a lot for those comments :)..sorry just a bit busy these days..will get back to ur blog soon..untill then keep rocking.


  1. stargazer said...:

    @ princess mia....thanx!c ya too!

    @ kavitha...cheers!