Yours lovingly,

Aug 27, 2008

Going thru my room at home n trying to clear up the junk of many yester years,I cam upon loads n loads of letters!Cleaning was stopped in between n rest of the time went in reading them!Boy,wasn't I glad!Thr were tonnes frm my granparents, frm back home in India,cozins,many frm my skool frens who have left the country,many I myself have written as replies but have never posted! :)

Grandparents...the ever epitome of love!How rightly it is said,........Every generation revolts against its fathers and makes friends with its grandfathers. Being far away from them n visiting them only once a year ,for every summer, I did miss out the 'fun' most of the kids have,but they regularly send us letters enquiring about studies,health n advices n most of all ...their love n prayers,widout which we wouldn't have reached whr v r n for all the things yet to come!!I have treasured them n reading it again does bring a tear always!

From my cozins.innumerable uncles n aunts....I used to love the ones ezp frm lil cozins..jus learning to put all the words tog....thr was love n care written all over,widout them knowing!Now we r all in different walks of life,in different places n countries(at times not recognizing each others while once in a blue moon v meet up) n letters have obviously dwindled among us all!Though E-mail/MSN/Yahoo/Gtalk n other innumerable messengers n Orkut/Facebook have come up.....keeping in touch is a pretty rare phenomenon!

One of my closest frens while in primary skool relocated to a different continent while in 5 th grade n believe me v kept in touch for years thru letters!(yeah ,yeah ,yeah handwritten letters!)Frankly I dono whether I'll ever take the effort,now, to keep in touch wid any1 thru letters!Reading thru her letters,made me think about those times....The much awaited P.E class,Welcome Songs at Annual Day(in which v both h ad taken part!),Badminton games at our colony(she was an awesome badminton player ) n many more memories which time was slowly erasing from my system!(In one of dem I have written to her...plz dont send typed letters...plz write in ur own handwriting!Gosh!)Lost in touch wid her while I moved back to India for my college but a few months back ,caught her again on Facebook!so now its facebook posting!but thats nothing compared to those oldddd letters!

My Best Fren,Nins,shifted to India after 10th n after her first term in her new skool,she send me a letter regarding each n everything in her skool.....n guess how many pages it was?!?...116!!116 letter Pad Pages!Boy!My dad was bawled over wen he saw the 2 extremely thick envelopes at his mailbox! :D ....Readin it was the best part,It was like a calendar of events!Still read thru wenever I come home n get reminded of those lovely days!!(lemme take this chance to say a big THANKU....if ever u come across this blog or not..Thanku for everything,for being bestest of ma freinds,for being in touch though v have been in separate places for 5 yrs now,for lightening my spirits before those bloody exams,for being wid me thru all down times n for always ringing me up at the MOST APPROPRIATE of times!Not every1 ll have a best fren like u,dear...!)

n yet there were many letters,old family frens,sis' frens n the likes...........

I wonder,does any letter come to our mailbox now,besides the occasional courier or post or wedding invitation!

Orkut scraps,Facebook posts n many more social networking sites r the 'in' thing now....but do they really replace the letters,in one's own handwritings??Is it the same feeling?

Till Next,
Fly High! :)