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...for the sisters !

Jun 20, 2012
The movie "Thattathin Marayathu" is making waves on the social networking world ever since the trailer got released.

As a young muslim girl who adorns the Hijab, I am against the idea of the Muslim dress code being potrayed in such a way. ( I mean no disrespect to the people behind the movie, I am merely talking of the concept enhanced in the trailer and the song and it is just my humble opinion )

One of the main reasons in writing this post is due to seeing many Facebook profile pictures coming up recently with the concept of "thattam" . So you might ask me, "Isn't it good, then, if a movie inspires some one to take up the Hijab?" - Yes & No

Yes ---> If it genuinely inspires some one to look up the matter of Hijab & takes it up solely to gain the pleasure of Allah since He has revealed in His Holy Book that the believing women should cover their adornment and lower her gaze.

No ---> If it makes some one to wear a small shawl around her neck / head just for the sake of attracting the attention of the opposite sex.

The Hijab wearing girls come in two :

1) The modest, lowering gaze kind of girl who adorns the Hijab with the only intention of pleasing her Lord.

2) The group of girls who wear it because that is the dress code taught by their parents or they are forced to wear so in the school/college setting that they are placed in.

And now maybe due to the movie, another group might arise with the intention , 'Guys love girls who wear the thattam' since it is mainly targeted at teens and young adults who unfortunately form their opinion based on the latest movie & fashion trends.

Commercializing the idea of the dress code in a movie which actually caters to the college going generation is in itself going to make a negative impact on a simple "thattam itta" girl.

When the punch dialogue is "Thattam' is my weakness" now, the shy thattam itta girl is going to be under so much of negative scrutiny. All she might want is some peace to do her course and complete it, yet what she gets is so much of unwanted attention , which in the first place is one of the reason, why a "thattam" is enforced in her religious laws.

As sisters who wear the Hijab, let us...

1) Purify our intentions in wearing the Hijab and do it solely because we have been commanded by Allahu Subhanahu Wa'Tala, ie, for the sake of Allah & Allah alone. (Let us remind ourselves- Surah 24, verse 31)

2) Extending our "Hijab" not only in the attire we wear but also, to our words, deeds, and action.

May Allah Azzawajal increase us in knowledge which brings us closer to Him. May He guard us from every situation that harms us in our Deen.

May Allah give us the Tawfiq to emulate the four greatest women of Islam - Maryam Alayha Salam, Asiyah - wife of Pharoah, Khadijah Bint Kuwaylid, and Fathima Radi'Allahu Anha.

Make He make us firm in our Deen - Ameen

*Thattathin Marayathu - an upcoming Malayalam movie
*Thattam - shawl, scarf, hijab
*Thattam itta - Hijab clad

Dear Little Brother,

Jun 15, 2012

As you begin the next phase of your education in life, I wish you the very best. May Allah Almighty make the knowledge you gain, a reason for you to come closer to Him and for you to carry forward the flag of our Deen.

Among st siblings , you always had the biggest spot in my heart. Maybe in many of your actions ,you remind me of myself - unsure, not confident and at times, too naive that any one can take advantage of you and start dominating over. Now I understand a tiny fraction of the angst dad went through, when he first left me in Bangalore.

...and I have learnt now,

 Love should never suffocate. Love should always set free so that the other person can soar to the heights they were destined for. 

During all my years in Bangalore, your simple messages of " We are just a call away" or an SMS early in the morning "Enthu patti Ramana" - (Whats wrong) on a day when I didn't want to face the sun have always kept me going. And I promise you the same, support from a sister any time and every time. I will always be a call away whether is it that I am married or in another country or hanging 3 kids upside down, I will always have time for you. I shall listen to your rants if you want to convey in me or just be there by your side, if you dont want to tell me . I shall not judge or lose my temper. (But yeah, I ll advice a hell lot, you know that :D )

Before everything, I hope your are sure and happy with your decision of the course cos that is something you will be doing for the rest of your life :D

College life will be very different from the life you have led until now. 

It will be exciting , adventurous and fun , yet you will have days when it tests you of all your strength. Whatsoever happens, remember this, Allah is always by your side. He is Al Wali - The protecting friend. Derive your strength from Him. Complain and cry of your sadness to Him. Pray your Salah on time. Whether it is 4 AM Fajr or Dhuhr in between classes, say your prayers. Carry your Musallah if you have to with you, but pray on time. Keep the English translation of Qur'aan with you.

Take time in making friends, but make good ones. For they are the ones who will stick by you when you get a blasting session from HoD or when you have to face the stressful ordeals of placements.

You will encounter people whose right and wrong differs from yours. Respect them , but never fall in to a company which actions do not conform to your values of right and wrong. Before you make any decision, whether it be going out with a friend or for a party, ask yourself, two questions, 
" Is it right in front of Allah?"  & " Is it in accordance to the values uppa , umma has taught us?" As long as it is Yes to both, you shall not waver from your path. Never give in to peer pressure. Make your own rules and boundaries and stick by them.

Your certain decisions of not mixing with certain crowd or having food that are Halal only etc might bring in unwanted and sometimes hurtful comments. Be patient with it. If you can explain to them your belief. If not , ignore the negativism respectfully.

 I always try to remind myself this Hadith in such situations ,
"Islam began as something strange and it will return strange as it began, so give glad tidings for the strangers" - Sahih Muslim

You will come in touch with the opposite gender , innumerable times. Choose the path of being neither extremes. Dont be too close so that one day you will have to answer Allah for wrong deeds neither too far that people end up calling "anti -social" . I think , you know better and I might not have to say much !

Your traits of kindness , humility and humour (read -challis) are something I adore in you. Dont ever let these qualities of yours get jaded with time due to cynicism of others.

Too much of advicing eh? (so typically me :D) 

Go in for trips with friends. Have a stay over at a pal's house. Go for a classmate's sister/brother's wedding. Visit the beach.Take many crazy photographs.Ace an exam ;) Have all the fun in the world.  Make memories. These 4 years, whether you like it or not then , will be the memorable ones of your life... 

Whatsoever happens, always know , you have a lovely home to come back to. A place where you are loved, accepted and proud of , always ! :)

May you remain in Allah's protection always!

Me ! :)

PS : Study very well :D :D

MCD - 11

Jun 9, 2012
Out of a batch of 60, I was the only one with a Hijab on. For many of my North- Indian friends, I was their first contact with a Muslim.I was subject to glances and comments on my choice of a different attire. I had to answer many questions of why I wear the Hijab to why I don't eat anything during the month of Ramadan. It was Oct of 2006.

Fast forward to February of 2012.

While going to write one of the Entrance exams which was online based, we had to go in for a pre-test registration, for which they had to go take a photograph via the web cam.

The officials at the desk : " Remove your head covering"
Me : " I will not "

The male official looked at the female official with a surprised -what-to-do-now look.

Female Official : "At least remove the pin n loosen your scarf so that the shape of your face is clear" (As though we were convicted felons and not students about to write an exam!)

On not wanting to make a bigger scene, I loosened my Shayla (removed the hijab pin) such that it still covers my entire hair.

One of my friends, L, who hails from Rajasthan, was behind me in the queue and was quietly noticing the entire conversation. After his registration, he comes over to me and asks...

L : " Why did you remove your safety pin?"
Me : "They told me to !"
L : " You didn't have to "
Me : " I said No once...."
L: " They are not even college or university officials. They are just people sitting on the desk. You should have said a firm No once more..... "

I was pleasantly surprised on being supported by a friend, of different faith, who doesnt know much about mine, yet still defended and supported me, knowing fully well, it is a decision close to my heart.

Media never gives a positive impression of our religion. But if you can change one person's negative view of your religion in to a positive one , by way of your action,views or deeds, then that too is a tiny weeny bit of success from your part.

I leave with this Hadith :

 Abu Darda (RA) reported that Rasulullah (SAW) said, “Nothing is weightier on the Scale of Deeds than one’s good manners.”(Al-Bukhari)

May Allah make us amongst those with the best of manners. May He forgive our shortcomings and weakness. May He make us good ambassadors of our religion.