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    Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but never our hearts. (Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr)

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    When nothing can comfort you, His words can. His words always will.

  • Some days, the view looks scary. Trust Him. He is the Best of Planners.

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    Clouds come floating in to my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky. (Tagore)

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    For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be.(John Connolly)

Eid ul Ad'ha...The Festival of Sacrifice

Nov 27, 2009

The Heartiest Wishes! :)

Hope, Insha'allah,this is the last time I have to spend Eid alone!

Till Next,
Fly high! :)


Nov 16, 2009
The Big City leaps forward...
never waiting for the slow travellers..
Truth isn't a word here..
It's all money,lust,brands & fame!!

For a person who stands against all this
is indeed termed an 'outcast'
Why should we always go with the flow?
Why should we dance to others tunes?
Why cant we make our own music??

She started seeing the fake face of the Metro  from the auto driver,who greeted her at the Railway Station, charging her hundreds of rupees extra,by taking the longest route possible!

Then in the form of the landlord where she rented out a place,who doesn't bother if a tenant is screeching with pain or not ,but indeed needs the payment,within the exact day!A day later would mean extra fine.

She saw the ugly face of fake friendship in the plan of a room mate who tried to get emotionally attached to her,yet she dint realize that she was being utilized ,day in & day out-of money,of books ,of 'time' and was the target of a greater ' devious' intent.

Then in the form of  fellow hostelite,who cut her vein to profess her undying love for her boyfriend.Does the blood split strengthen relationships!?! Rather doesn't it show an underlying insecure relationship?

The fake feeling rebounded all around her!In the way of 'vegetable seller' who sold everything for Rs.5 extra from the norm!

She was shocked by the friend,who glared at her with green eyes, every time she got professionally awarded or recognized!

In the style of the Receptionist at College,who charged her under  the table for every certificate that had to be signed by a Higher Authority.


She loved the big city!

For it's zest and zeal...
For its multi ethnic crowd...
For its breezy mornings..
For its beautiful evenings...
For its mild winter showers...
For its beautiful gardens!!

Till Next,
Fly High!! :)

Calls to The One Above!

Nov 9, 2009

Oh Allah, Help me in my QUEST...

Quest for knowledge,that is beneficial
in this wold & in the Hereafter Akhira
Quest for greater Iman & Ihsan
Quest for the meaning of my life
Quest for my purpose
Quest for stability and strength
Quest for love
Quest for joy & happiness

Oh Allah,when adversity strikes me
Help me remember that YOU donot burden
a soul beyond that which it cannot bear
& to believe wholeheartedly,'Tawakkalthul Ala-lla"

Oh Allah,when You bless me with
personal & professional success
Help me stand firmly on the ground
and to say 'Alhamdulilah' always

Oh Allah,when the shimmering lights
of 'Dunya' glare me away from You
Help me recall that this indeed is ephemeral
and that I am just a traveler here

Oh Allah,everyday when I learn
about the Human Body
Help me retrospect on Your Power
and the Powerless beings,we are

Oh Allah,when I am surrounded
with the people I love-family & friends
Help me 'call to mind' that
I am Blessed,surely

Oh Allah ,increase my Taqwa
Help me be closer to YOU
Associate me with people who will
guide me in the Right Path

.....Spotless Days! :)

Nov 7, 2009

Want to go back to a TIME when...

  • monthly tests,term exams and finals were like the end of the world
  • an A+ placed you on top of the world
  • every festival meant the entire family would be around to celebrate
  • shopping for Eid was a family event
  • school was a place, loved and hated to go
  • you waited for the lift bell to go 'ting' and then the'juggling of the key' sound ,outside home signifying that dad is coming back from work and he most often would have a chocolate to brighten up your day
  • you wear the new dress & U go to Daddy and he says, ' U are looking absolutely amazing!' & u feel on top of the world,again
  • Tuesdays were a much awaited day coz Young Times came on Tuesday.
  • the entire family comes for 'Honor's Roll' function at school & U were one of the recipient & yet again u feel on top of the world
  • weekends meant ,going to Wakrah,to meet Aunt ,Uncle,Molutty,Samu and Salu
  • going to school on thursday was a happy event,coz  Dad would come to pick up from school and U go could go back in the AC car (compared to the rickety bus in the hot sun) and he would often have goodies in the car
  • friendship meant wearing the same 'heart-shaped' pendant
  • buying a new set of 'Faber Castell' color pencils gave the sense-of-ownership-of-literal -treasure
  • 'Heidi' was the most favourite cartoon
  • getting the 'class-leader' badge was a thing of 'honour' indeed
  • Summer vacation was eagerly awaited so as to get back to India for hols and meet all the extended relatives,cousins and family
  • 2 new pair of dress was absolutely necessary before going for hols,one to wear while going & other while coming back & Mom would say,'it's as though the pilot wont allow U in flite widout a new dress!'

.....a TIME of carefree days,innocence and love!!

Till Next,
Fly High! :)

A Round of Applause!! :)

Oct 30, 2009

Congrats J, for ur Amazing score in SAT....am shoo proud of u ,baby bro!! :)

May Allah Almighty help u to scale greater heights of glory n success!!

May U reach the 'altitude' that u have always dreamt of! n frankly I have never met any one else, who has a more persistent dream since childhood, than U!! :)

Congrats S,for the fixing of ur Marriage Date!

Waiting to see U as the Beautiful Dulhan ,all shy n decked up ,on UR day!! :)

May Allah Bless U both wid Faith,Happiness n Success ,every minute of ur life! :)

Till Next,
Fly High! :)

(Pics from http://amuslimwife.blogspot.com/)

New Look!!

Oct 29, 2009
Jus changed my template! :)

The pink flowers are so not me!!! This is more like it!! :)


Where is my sunshine? :) :)

Till Next,
Fly high! :)

Name,fame & finally Shame!

I grew up watching almost every single Grand Slam match!Absolutely adored every tennis star!

Loved Agassi n his style of play!His effective strokes and and 'rock star' image.

But today's headlines shocked me :

" I took drugs in 1997 : Agassi "

The report says he had taken crystal meth and was helped by his drug user assistand,slim


Why do we always looks for shortcuts for success??

A disappointing news for his millions fans ,the world over....

A blow to his record slam titles......

Yet again,another drug history in tennis ,after the much controversial 'Hingis dope test positive'!!....

Till next,
Fly High! :)

Profound thoughts! :D

Oct 27, 2009
Often I come here when i am either in 'deepest pit' mood or when I am just exuberantly happy!!..It 's neither rite now ,but jus felt like updating my blog !

First things first, in final year now!! Alhamdulilah for everything!! :) Came in 2nd in colg this time! :) All my success,only due to Lord's bountiful blessing( in spite of the lazy person I am!) All my success, for my dearest Uppa! I kno u will never read this ,neither will I ever say such things directly,U r my biggest Inspiration n strength! n Momma....All ur prayers!Widout it v can never achieve anything!!

Now treating patients almost everyday, I realize the big responsibility that my profession puts on me!To not just 'set ' the problem rite,but in deed to be the patients trusted confidante!I will tell U, there is no feeling like,helping a person resolve his pain or strengthen his confidence by improving his looks!The smile of gratitude,from a patient, after a job well done,thats pretty much enough for 'making my day'!

Waiting to enter the Pedodontics Dept., for I love kids! Bt ,bt...hate being the one targeted there! That's fine anyways!God is there to help me out!

One thing, I so hate.....Often in college,many people look down upon me ,something like 'oh u cannot do this' or 'oh u r inefficient' kinda attitude! That hurts me to the core.... I wonder why people walk around wid such narrow minded attitude!Is it coz I wear an extra Hijab over my head?But What does my scarf have to do with my abilities?Is being modest no longer considered' right' ??
But time and again,Alhamdulilah,due to Almighty's grace ,I have tried/been able to prove them wrong!Bt still........

Jus a day ago, One of my cozins marriage almost got Fixed! Masha'allah!! Fingers crossed,tht everything will b settled soon, Insha'allah!! V grew up together,considering v have only 6 months difference between us! :) n now its as though ,v r all growing up and too fast! :)May Allah Bless U wid the Best ,dear! Love u lots! :) For all the times,v have talked ,lafed n cried together! :) u people are some of my bestest memories of childhood!

Last time I updated my blog, was very very very upset over a situation n now it looks like , just another' one of those problems'! :) Lol, Indeed Time is the best healing factor!

Allah, plz help me out n give me the strength to face this all! I have none other than U to turn to! :)

Till Next,
Fly high! :)

Spill n Splash! :)

Apr 22, 2009

RAIN!!....The shower of water from ABOVE has always Amazed ME!!

Having been grown up in a desert,it wasn't always tht I get to experience these downpours!Except occasionally when there was a drizzle or so!I loved putting my hands out n getting it wet(tht was the maximum mom wud allow us to get wet!)

Now being in India n experiencing the rain every now and then,it still hasn't stopped enticing me!!

The first rain n the wet mud smell!!Ther's nothing like it,seriously!! :)

Will never forget the dash to the local supermarket to get some goodies at 9:30 in the nite,when it was raining cats n dogs,with the thunder and lightning as our companions! :)

Standing out of our hostel n bird-watching in the rain! ;)tht's also sure FUN! :P

Walking as slow as possible,when all the others were running for a cover at whom I feel like screaming,"It's OK!!There is no harm in getting wet!Just take it Eazy!!" :) {or is it of their age??Am I too gonna do the same thing once I join the workforce?}

The tiny droplets splattering on the face are indeed rejuvenating! They just wash away all the pain,for that lil while! :)

The small muddy puddles formed,I still play in it! :)

N the best is saved up for the END!!

The glistening leaves,the fresh look,the clear skies n maybe,just maybe ...if v r lucky..a shiny cute rainbow peeking!! :)

[The pic: View from my hostel front door after today's shower! :)}

Till Next,
Fly high!! :)

The Cherub's lovable ways! :)

Feb 8, 2009
For getting the facts,right...there is something with me n TRAVELING!!Either the flight is delayed or canceled or there is a turbulence during flight!!If none of this is there,then my luggage wouldn't have reached with me! :D

So here I was,Mid term hols from college n all set to go HOME!!Where I consider home is the place I grew up n has some wonderful memories !DOHA!(merely just hearing the name doha makes me smile while I am in Blore:) )All ready n packed n was about to leave from hostel when Dad rings me up n says that he got a call from Emirates,saying my evening flite frm blore to Dubai is canceled !! :( :( I was so DAMN irritated,more so ,the next day there was this huge party at home n I sooo wanted to be a part of IT!

n finally I settle for an early morning flite to dubai n thereafter a connecting flite to doha!!

The 1st flite s fine until we are just about to land,when the announcements come there is a heavy congestion at the DXB airport owing to the cold weather conditions there n there we were flying at the same altitude for around 20 minutes!! I imagined it to be a ride ,just circling n circling circling!!

Finally I get in to the airport at 8:10 AM local time!!My next flite is at 8:30AM!!HAD to go thru security check n luggage screening in a jiffy!!Crossed people in queue(after gettin some beautiful stares from them) n finally reached my departure gate at 8:25 to realize the 2 nd flite has been delayed by almost an hour!!

Sheesh!! Shouldn't have wasted my calories ,running all the way(considering the airport is a lil too BIG,for normal two-legged beings! :D )n should have had a bite at the duty free!!Well,well well....wht to do!!

There I was sitting all hungry,dejected,damn sleepy n tired when I notice this angelic kid,maybe about 4 or 5 years old!She was travelling with her(i s'ppose!)mother, n granparents!!She was singing n dancing n in short a nice lil entertainment to those 'exasperated-cos-of-the-delays' passengers,including me!I was lost in her world!!Her shweet lil songs wid her innocent laughter just mesmerized every1 there!

She started singing another song(not in a language I could recognize.Probably they were from the Far-East)and her grandfather makes her to stand in Attention position with her hands on the sides n straight n I realize maybe it's either a devotional song or their National Anthem!The whole audience listened with rapt attention,most of them wid a smile!After finishing her song,she gives a BOW turning in all the four directions with her small head almost touching the floor!One hand placed in front and the other behind!

A baby cried,nearby!A European family,I suppose!What the 4 year old angel does amazes me!!She goes to her mom,takes a chocolate n a cute teddy from her mom's bag n comes n offers to the wailing baby!! :) LOVE at its purest forms! :) :) :) There was just no colour or country or whatsoever difference here!Just a moment of goodness,inborn! :)

Will we,as adults,do that?Give our most prized possession to someone who is in distress so as to bring a smile.Do we lose our benevolence as age advances??Is HUMANENESS inversely proportional to a man's age?

Boarding the second flite,I glanced at her again!

God Bless u,Lil one!! :) :) :)

U made me smile,angel! :)

Till next,
Fly high!! :) :)