Spill n Splash! :)

Apr 22, 2009

RAIN!!....The shower of water from ABOVE has always Amazed ME!!

Having been grown up in a desert,it wasn't always tht I get to experience these downpours!Except occasionally when there was a drizzle or so!I loved putting my hands out n getting it wet(tht was the maximum mom wud allow us to get wet!)

Now being in India n experiencing the rain every now and then,it still hasn't stopped enticing me!!

The first rain n the wet mud smell!!Ther's nothing like it,seriously!! :)

Will never forget the dash to the local supermarket to get some goodies at 9:30 in the nite,when it was raining cats n dogs,with the thunder and lightning as our companions! :)

Standing out of our hostel n bird-watching in the rain! ;)tht's also sure FUN! :P

Walking as slow as possible,when all the others were running for a cover at whom I feel like screaming,"It's OK!!There is no harm in getting wet!Just take it Eazy!!" :) {or is it of their age??Am I too gonna do the same thing once I join the workforce?}

The tiny droplets splattering on the face are indeed rejuvenating! They just wash away all the pain,for that lil while! :)

The small muddy puddles formed,I still play in it! :)

N the best is saved up for the END!!

The glistening leaves,the fresh look,the clear skies n maybe,just maybe ...if v r lucky..a shiny cute rainbow peeking!! :)

[The pic: View from my hostel front door after today's shower! :)}

Till Next,
Fly high!! :)