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A little girl taught me....

Jul 20, 2012
This happened to day - Friday ,20th July. I cant help blog about it because it touched and literally left me moist eyed.

One of our neighbours lost her husband in a car accident on the eve of last Ramadan in Makkah. She is struggling to make her ends meet due to some financial difficulties.

Even with all the difficulties facing her,she tries to give her two little children the best education possible. Her eldest daughter who is in 4 th or 5th grade is a talented painter. The daughter was advised by her class teacher to join for a painting course nearby. The fees was about Rs. 300 for the same besides the transportation charges. The mother being unable to afford the fees said the daughter she couldn't go for the course. Daughter calmly said 'Its ok'.

Evening, since it is Ramadan eve , one of their extended family member gave them some money. Mother explained to the daughter that she will finally enroll her for the course.

That young daughter who is at an age when others would be worrying about dolls and toys, said , 'Allah actually listened to my dua. I prayed for it today afternoon at Jumuah'

Even writing about it makes me teary.

I am amazed at the young girl's tawakkal on Allah and her maturity to grow according to the situation at her home. I pray with a sincere heart, Allah gives the family sustenance and Barakah with her talents.

May Allah shower on them abundant blessings. May He ease their difficulties.

May He bless their father with Jannah.