Calls to The One Above!

Nov 9, 2009

Oh Allah, Help me in my QUEST...

Quest for knowledge,that is beneficial
in this wold & in the Hereafter Akhira
Quest for greater Iman & Ihsan
Quest for the meaning of my life
Quest for my purpose
Quest for stability and strength
Quest for love
Quest for joy & happiness

Oh Allah,when adversity strikes me
Help me remember that YOU donot burden
a soul beyond that which it cannot bear
& to believe wholeheartedly,'Tawakkalthul Ala-lla"

Oh Allah,when You bless me with
personal & professional success
Help me stand firmly on the ground
and to say 'Alhamdulilah' always

Oh Allah,when the shimmering lights
of 'Dunya' glare me away from You
Help me recall that this indeed is ephemeral
and that I am just a traveler here

Oh Allah,everyday when I learn
about the Human Body
Help me retrospect on Your Power
and the Powerless beings,we are

Oh Allah,when I am surrounded
with the people I love-family & friends
Help me 'call to mind' that
I am Blessed,surely

Oh Allah ,increase my Taqwa
Help me be closer to YOU
Associate me with people who will
guide me in the Right Path