Nov 16, 2009
The Big City leaps forward...
never waiting for the slow travellers..
Truth isn't a word here..
It's all money,lust,brands & fame!!

For a person who stands against all this
is indeed termed an 'outcast'
Why should we always go with the flow?
Why should we dance to others tunes?
Why cant we make our own music??

She started seeing the fake face of the Metro  from the auto driver,who greeted her at the Railway Station, charging her hundreds of rupees extra,by taking the longest route possible!

Then in the form of the landlord where she rented out a place,who doesn't bother if a tenant is screeching with pain or not ,but indeed needs the payment,within the exact day!A day later would mean extra fine.

She saw the ugly face of fake friendship in the plan of a room mate who tried to get emotionally attached to her,yet she dint realize that she was being utilized ,day in & day out-of money,of books ,of 'time' and was the target of a greater ' devious' intent.

Then in the form of  fellow hostelite,who cut her vein to profess her undying love for her boyfriend.Does the blood split strengthen relationships!?! Rather doesn't it show an underlying insecure relationship?

The fake feeling rebounded all around her!In the way of 'vegetable seller' who sold everything for Rs.5 extra from the norm!

She was shocked by the friend,who glared at her with green eyes, every time she got professionally awarded or recognized!

In the style of the Receptionist at College,who charged her under  the table for every certificate that had to be signed by a Higher Authority.


She loved the big city!

For it's zest and zeal...
For its multi ethnic crowd...
For its breezy mornings..
For its beautiful evenings...
For its mild winter showers...
For its beautiful gardens!!

Till Next,
Fly High!! :)