.....Spotless Days! :)

Nov 7, 2009

Want to go back to a TIME when...

  • monthly tests,term exams and finals were like the end of the world
  • an A+ placed you on top of the world
  • every festival meant the entire family would be around to celebrate
  • shopping for Eid was a family event
  • school was a place, loved and hated to go
  • you waited for the lift bell to go 'ting' and then the'juggling of the key' sound ,outside home signifying that dad is coming back from work and he most often would have a chocolate to brighten up your day
  • you wear the new dress & U go to Daddy and he says, ' U are looking absolutely amazing!' & u feel on top of the world,again
  • Tuesdays were a much awaited day coz Young Times came on Tuesday.
  • the entire family comes for 'Honor's Roll' function at school & U were one of the recipient & yet again u feel on top of the world
  • weekends meant ,going to Wakrah,to meet Aunt ,Uncle,Molutty,Samu and Salu
  • going to school on thursday was a happy event,coz  Dad would come to pick up from school and U go could go back in the AC car (compared to the rickety bus in the hot sun) and he would often have goodies in the car
  • friendship meant wearing the same 'heart-shaped' pendant
  • buying a new set of 'Faber Castell' color pencils gave the sense-of-ownership-of-literal -treasure
  • 'Heidi' was the most favourite cartoon
  • getting the 'class-leader' badge was a thing of 'honour' indeed
  • Summer vacation was eagerly awaited so as to get back to India for hols and meet all the extended relatives,cousins and family
  • 2 new pair of dress was absolutely necessary before going for hols,one to wear while going & other while coming back & Mom would say,'it's as though the pilot wont allow U in flite widout a new dress!'

.....a TIME of carefree days,innocence and love!!

Till Next,
Fly High! :)


  1. justfeltlike said...:

    Aww...such a cute thought. Apart from the school bit, I agree with most of it. ;D

    I absolutely hated going to school and still do.

  1. stargazer said...:

    Thinking about uniforms,punishments,assembly,drill & homework,school wasn't the brightest place

    But I was blessed wid some of the Bestest Friends in School & Some Amazing Mentors!!