Sir, Who am I?!?

Aug 22, 2008
Imagine waking up one day,not being able to figure out who v r,not knowing whr v are or even who our families r!

This is the case of 24 million people affected world wide wid Alzheimer's and senile dementia.

Alzheimer’s disease, brain disease, is a neuro-degenerative disorder which causes a gradual deterioration of permanent nerve cells, causing senile dementia.
The disease leads to an impact on the daily lives of patients: it is accompanied by a gradual deterioration of events leading intellectual, psychological and behavioural disorders leading to a loss of autonomy.

Much have been circulated in the media regarding these neuro-degenerative disorders ,......A Beautiful Mind(movie and the book), U me aur hum(a hindi movie) ..to name a few!I dint realise the full implications of this disease until I saw a loved one struggling wid it!

I grew up knewing her as an-all efficient,pious n kind hearted lady who gave her cent percent to her family,until IT struck her.The minute difficulties of not being able to read the time,forgetting the no of times she had done her mandatory 5 times prayers,initially, changed to not being able to recognize her own sons or not being able to say her own name,forgettin the recent incidents but still recalling situations and stories heard 25 years ago.

All through the stages of the disease,her faith in GOD was intact,remembering every prayer,every dua she learnt as a child.

God had blessed her with an amazing family-a pillar of strength, her husband, and 7 supporting children and innumerable grandkids who made sure that she would never realise her weakness,who enveloped her with all the love and care they could,who prayed for her every minute and who were there by her bedside till she breathed her last.

Medical science suggests many drugs like Donepezil,Rivastigmine,Minocycline and so on as medication for the disease(ther r no drugs as of now to cure the illness,they only slow down the disease) but the best treatment for this cognitive function declining disease is the drug of LOVE and SUPPORT from family and loved ones.No medication can surpass tht.The 24 million people affected are not so lucky, as a percentage of them are left in old-age homes and Alzheimer's rehabilitation centres by their own sons.These 'homes' are made of stone bricks and money buying materials,not of care,love and ties so essential for the patient.

A silent prayer for the millions affected.........

A prayer everyday,for her..

(ref:wikipedia n my physio,pharmac professors)

Till next,
Fly high! :)


  1. Sindhu :) said...:

    I am sorry for your aunt.

    but like you said.. when you have people around you to love you & support you.. I think everything should be fine..

    Trust in God will take you anywhere ... He may be the one to give us the pain of the disease.. but again, He is the one who will also give us the right kind of company to breeze thro it :)

    But for the other ones... my prayers join yours for them!

  1. stargazer said...:

    thanks for droppin by!

    btw it was my grandma,not aunt...

    yeah u r rite....God doesn't put a burden which the two shoulders cannot bear....