Ahlan,Shahru Ramadan!

Sep 1, 2008

The Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan has knocked our doors!...

Today is the first day of fasting in the Middle East and in India(i am not sure about other places!)

It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and fasting is one of the Five Pillars of Islam...

It is a time for prayers,spiritual reflection and reformation,doing good deeds,alms and spending time wid one's family and friends...

The best I remember about Ramadan during my childhood is the Ifthar(breaking-fast) parties at family ,friends and our community clubs and the Taraweeh and Qiyam ul lail prayers at our local mosque!As a child,I remember how I used to be woken up for the pre-dawn meal(Suhoor)!Used to eat the meal...half sleepy! Alhamdulilah(All Praise be to Allah!), I get to be at my home for this years Ramadan,though for a few days,before I go back to college and hostel!

Having been brought up in the Middle East, I have grown up seeing the Ramadan spirit,aura,feeling around, during the season but now being in one of the metros of India,I miss the same 'spirit'around!but surely Ramadan isn't in the spirit around but in the spirit and feeling within oneself!

The special delicacies at home,for Ifthar, prepared by Momma,Cutlets,Samoosas,Payampori(banana fry) and innumerable other dishes is gonna be missed by me once I go back!Meanwhile lemme enjoy them while I am here! :)

Arranging them at our dining table,waiting for the Maghrib Adhan(Sunset Call to Prayer),hearing the call to prayer, and then eating dates&drinking water/juice to quench our thirst....it is surely a blissful feeling!At the time of breaking fast,no prayer is left unheard!...

But then ,the thought goes to the Millions of people around the globe without one square meal a day!When will their "Maghribb Adhan" come?If fasting 30 days a year considered tough by some people(May Allah strengthen their Iman-faith),how do these folks survive?Ezp the worse affected being children,below 10 years of age!
Lets reconsider our luck,in having a family to hang on,food to live on, n faith to grow on and praise God Almighty for His bountiful blessings!

May The Almighty accept our Fasts,prayers n good deeds!

May The Almighty help sisters n brothers in distress,the world over!


( n I seriously hope I get a hostel mate,after I go back,to fast along with me!So that I am not alone for Suhoor and Ifthar and Taraweeh!)

Till Next,
Fly High! :)