Seconds,seconds n just seconds!

Sep 9, 2008
The timings of the different runners of the 100 m dash at the Beijing Olympics just left me wonder struck ,when thought abt!

The Gold Medalist and the Track fields new hero ,Usain Bolt of Jamaica,came running the 100 m at just 9.69 seconds...

The Silver Medalist,Richard Thompson,came in at 9.89 seconds,two-tenths of a second behind and loss of an olympic gold medal!

The Bronze medalist at 9.91 ....that is 0.02 seconds behind and loss of the silver medal!

Fourth runner came in 9.93 seconds ,again the same difference in seconds!

So,its basically a matter of miniscule of seconds whether your name is in obscurity or whether u clinch the coveted medals n record!This is surely 'competition' in the highest form seen!

Most of these athletes train day in and day out ,toil n moil for 4 years ,only at times to lose the medal coz of being tenth s of a SECOND behind!

N most of the time,unfortunately,we fail to recognize this,that its just a matter of time n minutes n seconds ,that makes a difference!!

Smile on!

Till next,
Fly high! :)