Adios ,home!!

Feb 12, 2008
Well,it's goodbye time for me!I am leaving home today!! :(

Goodbyes !! I have always hated it! n frankly speaking,I never say a proper goodbye to the people close to me...I just cannot!

A few summers ago,while I was coming back from my grandparent's place, I dint say a proper bye n salaam to my grandma.Regret it to this day!coz I never got another chance to!

'Where we love is home-home that our feet may leave,but never our hearts!"-Oliver Wendell Holmes,Sr

How true!! :)

But another positive aspect about Goodbyes,they always mean a fresh start to a new beginning! :)Yeah ,I am looking forward to the second half of my second year!Since the externals are just another 5 to 6 months away,this would mean more of tooth carving,setting,cavity preparation n more of dental antics! :)

I am looking forward to being with my friends again!To start our daily routine of getting up at the last minute but still making it on time for the 8' O clock class,hunting for food since our mess has been off for the past 2 months n we just cannot find out another mess satisfying our 'mallu' tastebuds,trying to catch up on all the latest movies together,playing with wax to make occlusion rim(practical work again!)at 12 in the night n calling up each other to scream,"What the hell!?!I just cannot get this right!!To the person who made wax,alginate,plaster,impression compound n wht not!?!..Aaaaaaaaargh!!"

Lemme go catch up on my sleep!!Have got a long flight with a 5 hours transit in between!Wonder what I am gonna do then!Hope I have a talkative cum chatterbox co-passenger! :) I always wish for this.....n yeah my travels have always been exciting! :)

Till next,
Fly high!! :)