Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem....

Feb 12, 2008
In the Name of God,the most Beneficent,the most Merciful!

Yeah.....let that be my first words in this blogosphere!

mmm...I wanted to be in this blogging world for some time now and the person who introduced me on to this ,my sis!:) Have always been the most happiest when I am deep down in thought with a pen in my hand...but that has suffered a serious blow with a change-of-environment,a hectic course to handle n good old laziness factor!Hope the blogging world gives me enough reason to start it all over again especially overcome the 'inertia' factor!

The ramblings of a jobless stargazer...
Ramblings....because this is most probably gonna be incoherent cum unconnected talk of a normal teenager!This might as well be the normal jotting down I 'used to do ' in my diary!

Jobless....mainly bcoz I have been jobless for the past 18 days (mid term break from college)!n yeah today is actually my last day at home n I have been wanting to write my post since the first day I reached here.Well, just got time only today!!(Read it as 'last-minuter! )......does that make any sense?? Jobless...n got time only today!! :)

Stargazer.......I am a 24/7 dreamer!I don't exactly have an answer when people ask me 'What do u dream about?'....Seriously don't!!Mostly bcoz it isn't one thought or one emotion..it is a bucketful of them!

n the reason for smileysmilez...
maybe coz I love this Emoticon! :)
maybe coz I am a Dental student....n the usual fate of dental students /line among them is 'Sacrifice one's own smile so as to beautify/better the publics smile'! :)
maybe coz I was called smiley central by some friends back in school! :)

Actually it was a spontaneous thing..I just typed in what came to my head when they said to give in the URL!:)

As for a lil intro.....I am a 2nd year college going student ,doing my Bachelor of Dental Surgery(B.D.S)program.I adore my sweet family which includes my mom,dad,an elder sis,two younger bros.Every decision I make,every path I choose is with them in my mind.They mean the world to me!How do one go on in life without 'family-not-by-birth-but-by-choice-or-circumstance'.......friends?Yeah ..I too have my bundle...the childhood bunch..the school group..the college gang!Cannot place one above the other!

Thats all...as of now!
Fly high!