Randomness Indeed!

Oct 8, 2008
hey!! i jus wanna type all tht have been happening!! :)

my results did come but a week after the rest of the results came!mine were withheld due to some technical error in the university!n it came a week later!!wht a week it was!?!but wen it came I was jumping,shrieking n screaming! :)Alhamdulilah,it went gud!

some thing tht i have been prayin for sooooo long jus became so ,2 days back!!! n I am on top of the mooonnn!!

3rd year started n it is goin in full swing !!clinicals n discussions!! :) :(

met an old skool fren last week n man wasn't i overjoyed!!so much of old talk caught up on!!n it was nice hear her blabbber n blabber n blabber!

Eid came n went!n again it was me being al aloone in this big city!missed my family n missed all those close to me!!but I suppose v gotta b in situations like this to 'realize' our loved ones n gud times wid dem!!

An earlier post I had prayed wish I get a roomie to fast along wid me!!n WOW!! i got a new rooomieee!!jus as I wished!! lol!! :)

One thing I cannot stand is liars n fakers.....n life mostly puts me in situations wid such people....y??

At times,I jus wanna finish wid all this,wid my course n college n run back home n other times wen I think of it,I don want it to End!I dont want to enter the next phase -job hunting-!!I want to continue this carefree days!!

Just some gibberish post.....all tht came to my mind...

Till next,
Fly high!!