Nov Highs! :)

Nov 30, 2008
Basically,I am scribbling this so tht november doesnt go wid out a post! :)

The only difference about novemeber was,I worked on my first patient.......!!A 11 year old kid.....from one of the slums nearby....his was a pretty easy,uncomplicated case...thank God !!coz ....yeah I had butterflies in my stomach!.....its getting better of late,though....the butterflies part!!

n I realize its my first step of the professional-ride!! :) All s in the Hands of Almighty! :)

N a line from one of the medical thrillers by Robin Cook ,about practice, They range from so sublimely joyous to so sublimely sad,yet so uniquely human!

n Waiting for Sport's day,College day,Eid n most of all Dec 21,Insha'allah!!...

Till Next,
Fly High!!