A detour or a straight road? :)

Nov 24, 2010
In the cross-roads of life,that is the position I am in now!

After struggling 4 years with books,day & night,I realize,I need to go on
longer if I really wanna be in some 'position' & also maybe struggle again a year more with entrance books to struggle 3 more years!(Three times ,the word struggle ! :D)

I am going through what every Intern goes through-Uncertainity!

Is the whole lot of information I MUGGED UP gonna be a waste?

Am I gonna do my post graduation,If so in which branch of dentistry?

In which part of the world am I gonna settle down?India or the middle east or still farther?

Depending on the country depends my future study plans,so again,a whole lot of question marks!

How is my clinical practice going to be?

Entrance exams with the big E!

& many more sawaal


One thing,life has taught me...
Whatever is decided by God is what is gonna happen
& eventually always it is the BEST!!

Just Trust in Lord-dad always tells us-& I realize its power!

Till Next,

Fly High! :)