MCD- 7

Nov 18, 2011

I had updated this on twitter on May 28,2011. Feel it deserves a sure shot blog mention ! :)

There are many people to whom I shud say my thanks to as I head towards the final few months of college (Insha'allah).One sure is Ish Aunty & her family for the innumerable help done to me during my 5 years of college. That is one relationship in Blore that I am sure grateful for.Alhamdulilah.

'Supporting me left & right when my 2nd year results got withheld & then again sharing my happiness,when the results came & I topped,alhamdulilah.Consoling me when my cash got stolen or when I got robbed or how can I forget ,the countless times she made food for me during Ramadan,both Suhoor & Ifthar.Making sure everyone around was 'quiet' just because I was studying & motivating me all the time I was down.There were many times I missed Umma terribly & I wud go talk to her & somewhere I wud just feel alright.'

Thankyou for everything u have done for me.Thankyou for trusting me wid everything.Thank you for always making sure that I dint spend my Eid alone & that I wasnt lonely.Thankyou for considering me as a child of yours ! :)

Monu,u r really one of the closest friends I had in college & the bestest roomie ever.I miss our talking till late nite/serials-on-colours & other tv shows/ girl craziness/& everything else I shared wid u !