Feb frenzy !

Feb 15, 2012
I come here again to rant.

The past 2 months have been tiring. Just tiring. With all these PG exams. Realized the true competition of Medical Entrance only now. Two more exams to go. But I have completely lost hope now. Maybe I might not clear this time. Maybe I might never write these exams again. Don't know. I donot know when did the optimist me become a completely pessimist me .

There is something I have been hoping for. Dreaming for. Wishing for. Praying for.

But I trust the Divine Decree. Whatsoever it is. It is the 6th pillar of Iman - To believe in fate, good or evil.

My Rabb knows me better than I do myself. His Plan for me is anyday better than my lowly desires and wishes. Thawakalthu-ala- Allah ! :)