Change - A permanent aspect of Life !

Apr 5, 2012
The dark clouds are covering the beautiful moon. Total darkness. After a little while, a shimmering light through the clouds can be seen. Then the hazy moon peeks through for a few minutes. And finally the full moon breaks free of the clouds and shines with its full glory . Light. For some time though.

...and the clouds cover up the moon again !

The evening clouds and its little game with the moon made me to reflect.

Every thing is in motion in this world. Even situations.

"Total darkness" is never permanent. For afterwards, a ray of light is often sent by Lord, which at times is seen by us with all its beauty & sometimes overlooked. "Full moon glory" is also ephemeral. Days pass, situations change, life unrolls....slowly !

In times of "total darkness", we should not despair of our Lord's Mercy.

In times of "full moon glory", we should not forget to be grateful to our Lord, for His Bountiful Bessings !