Qualities of a husband !

May 6, 2012

On being a husband, Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani (a 12th Century Islamic Scholar) advises the following:

1. “He must relate to them (his wife & children) on the basis of morality and provide them with fair treatment to the best of his ability."

2. "If he ends up with wealth to spare, he must keep it for the sake of his dependents (wife & children), not for his own sake."

3. "He must not eat, unless they have already eaten."

4. "In relation to his dependents, he must be like a trusted agent and a servant, and like a slave with his master."

5. "He must set service to himself aside, and consider his dependents more important than himself."

6. "When it comes to eating, he must adjust his diet to suit their tastes and not oblige them to follow his own appetite.”

( and they tell women are oppressed in Islam!! :D )

- As tweeted by @Philo_Human