Simple pleasures

Dec 22, 2012
I find happiness in ...

  • Lying on my warm bed on a cold winter night.
  • Mom bringing a hot cup of ginger-tea while I am down with illness.
  • Niece snuggling in my hand and going off to sleep.
  • Brother coming home for the weekend & then the house is all "noisy"
  • Good morning post from friend in Australia when it's only 2 AM here.
  • Reading the same book over and over again.
  • A friend randomly messaging & making a dua.
  • Friend - "Before I go for Umrah, give me your dua list"
  • A cold night's silence being broken by the laughter of children playing outside.
  • Dad quietly going to masjid for Fajr so as not wake up the baby in the house.
  • Reaching back the same weight that I was while in school. Jeans/salwars becoming loose ;)
  • Brother bringing gifts from Jaipur -a earring & small hand held mirror.
  • Snuggling warm in my bed & watching Friends or Gilmore Girls, episode after episode.
  • Learning Tafsir of a Chapter from a Sheikh far away in Texas.
  • Listening to stories from the Seerah from a scholar in Zimbawe.
  • Retorting to/getting replied to every tweet with a quick witted answer.
  • Whatsapp ;)
  • Taking an early morning ride through Doha Corniche.
  • Reading a "Thoughts Catalog" article which perfectly describes my situation