Interest Vs Job.

Jan 23, 2013
The Indian education system is more of 'job-oriented' than 'interest-oriented'. Add to it, the mindset of the middle class Indian population of children being doctors & engineers bringing honour to the family. Having to take this very important decision at an age as young as 15/16 or 18 doesn't help either. With this, we have a major tragedy of creative and talented youth stuck in a mediocre job for which they rarely have any interest or passion, in our society.

How many amongst our midst are stuck in a software company in Bangalore ? How many of us hate the smell of hospitals, yet still return there, day in & day out ? How many of us hate holding the mouth mirror & probe, yet do the same everyday ?

I am not overlooking the fact there are dedicated engineers & medical professionals who absolutely love what they do. But pointing towards the vast majority of group of college graduates who go in 'with the flow' without ever realising their true potential and interest.

We look down upon a graduate of English Literatue or Botany or Geology thinking we have a more "professional" degree than them. Rarely we realize the fact, when they have taken a path which brings them immense satisfaction, we have just followed the flock. The joke is upon us, not them.

The people who brave all odds and try to become script-writers, film-directors, artists, writers are either not encouraged by their own family or some times, the support of loved one is present, but the employment sector does not show kindness to them, thus resulting in a disheartened individual who loses faith in his own abilities.

The injury becomes worse with the tailor-made nature of the Indian curriculum at graduate level. A medical/dental/engineering graduate etc can take only subjects related to their particular field. There is no option of dual major or taking subjects/courses as per one's interest, as like some of the western curriculum.

Most people have a desire to learn, not to have a fancy degree after their name or get a fatter pay-check but just simply for the need to know and increase in awareness and understanding of their favourite subject. Our education system fails in fulfilling this desire to learn and most of the time, curbs any desire to "study".

Some of my friends overseas are doing their major in 'International Relations', 'Conflict Resolution and Analysis' 'Creative Writing', 'Human Computer Interaction'. Yeah, I never knew such specialized branch of degrees even existed !

Mind set change, revamp of our educational system, in-depth & comprehensive analysis of aptitude individually, awareness of different options available - these might help in bringing a change of this sorry state of our youth. ( ..and so easy to put in words on a blog !!)

If ever given a chance to study subjects varied from my dental degree, it would be Math, Creative Writing, Tafseer, Comparative Religion ;) What would be your's ?

(If you are some one I know, don't come running with a pan, asking when did I start 'not loving' dentistry. No worries. That commitment is for a lifetime :D )