Veil of Modesty :)

Aug 23, 2010

(This post was written maybe a month back ,though I am publishing it now!)

I serve!
2 days back I was travelling from Nilambur to CMR by bus.....my first-alone-travel-by-bus-in -Kerala....

I was getting the huge stares from every1.. maybe the huge trolley bag I had wid me or maybe the outsider look or so....dono....

I play!
Anyways I was just observing every1 around when I noticed the bus was filled wid gals ...off to skool,college n mayb work and the best part was they were all clad in Hijab ,beautiful salwars,matching scarves,shiny handbags..I wished I could take a pic n send to all the DAMN people who says Hijab is a sign of neanderthelism....to all who says Hijab prevents girls from achieveing academic /professional success......to all who says Hijab is followed by girls who have hitler fathers or husbands.....to all who says it doesnt look pretty!

I am in touch!
Most often Hijab is followed by girls ,because they themselves want to cover them up,not because their fathers or husbands or brothers are saying so.....

But because they want to....

  •  fulfill their obligation to Allah Almighty!
  •  protect themselves from lewd comments,stares,& unwanted attention!
  •  uphold their dignity & respect n be modest!

No,wearing Hijab doesnot prevent a girl from achieving her status in society,rather it elevates her position.

No,wearing Hijab does not rob her of having fun with her friends,she can still have fun in a Halal way.

No,wearing Hijab does not make her ignorant of the technology around.

I study!

To make statistics speak :

According to one survey done by Shervani in U.P. the percentage of Muslim girls appearing for SSC examinations has increased. Not only that but the success rate of Muslim girls has jumped 19 times. That means Muslim girls are taking their studies much more seriously today than before 1990. This healthy trend seems to be persisting. Many Muslim girls are making it to the merit lists also.

According to 2001 census the female literacy of Muslims in Kerala was 85.5%

just quoting a few....

Today Hijab clad girls can be seen in all walks of life....in  skools,in the corporate world,in hospitals,at restaurants,just about everywhere...

We are awakened! We will conquer!
Why should we be afraid when we have Allah Almighty with us?

THREE CHEERS to all my sisters!! 

Till Next,
Fly High! :)