How many of our blessings do we count?

Dec 3, 2010
"Maashallah..not every one gets a chance to fulfill der dreams..ur among de chosen ones.."

Just a few days ago one of my school friends remarked while I was chatting with her online.....

It struck me then........

yes,indeed,I am blessed!!Here I am on the threshold of graduating from a dental school with another ten months (Insha'allah ) Maybe it is a blessing to have an amazing family support to further my education,when there are many 'dads' who donot allow their girls to be sent away from their homes or cities!Or yet again parents who want their kids to be degree-holders,but are financially weak to support them.I have both (Alhamdulilah) and still I have never considered it as a blessing!How ignorant could I be!?!

There are innumerable times I crib about being alone while  I am sick,having to travel alone or having to face people who have nothing to say but against my religion or state or just about anything!

But maybe,

in being alone,while I am sick have given me the ability to take care of myself in any situation.......

in being alone,while I travel have given me the ability to enjoy solitude and tackle any situation with the best of my logic....

in being alone,while I face two-faced,three-faced etc beings have given me the ability to figure out,at times,silence is the Best!!

& Most of all,in being alone,I have realised the importance of appreciating companionship!!

How often we are so abuntantly blessed & yet we complain!?!

At times,we need a sentence or two like that,to knock some sense in to our perveted minds to see the larger picture and a different perspective!