...& One day, Insha'allah!

May 8, 2011

Haven't you noticed,many a times,we think when we get that perfect score on a test,get the latest gadget,be back with our family, or meet our better half,that the sorrow will fade away, that we will become happy again?

But also haven't u seen, even when we 'procure' these worldly joys,a sorrows lingers somewhere,a melancholy strikes deep,quite often,unexplainable?

Check out the video & see if it explains atleast a little of the answers to the above questions.


  1. Jawed Iqbal said...:

    SubhanAllah! This explains my state as well. Just graduated with flying colors and was really looking forward to the whole celebration of achievement, but when I finally received the diploma, a feeling of emptiness crawled into me. Couldn't understand it then, but now I realize that our ultimate goal is not worldly milestones, but the Aakhira, which is the REAL deal. Thank you for the reminder.

  1. stargazer said...:

    Yeah ,exactly, when we take our aim as Akhirah, we often get a clearer picture of which path to choose.

    May Almighty Allah help us to be on the "Sirat Mustaqeem" always. Insha'allah

    Thank you for dropping by.

    Jazak Allah Khair