Sky is the limit!

Jun 16, 2011
Growing up I had a million dream & one,(time n again , like I have written on my blog) was to work with WHO or UNICEF.To help impoverished children and kids affected by war .

I donot know when it came to my head...but I remember seeing a footage on TV ( Al Jazeera or QTV, don't remember) as a 12 year old, about the 12 year old Palestinian Child , Muhammad Al Durrah, who was shot dead during clashes between Israeli soldiers & Palestinian security officials.The boy was killed while his father tried to save his precious child"s life hiding behind a concrete cylinder.Losing a child is difficult for any parent. Imagine ,the anguish of the father who lost his child in front of his own eyes!?

Those images lingered on my mind....& that's when , I decided , I would do something when "I grow up " (First mistake!)

I was a Math Lover (modestly to say - a Math topper too, Alhamdulilah) in school. Yet I choose the Medical profession for fulfilling my above said dream. I thought it was only medical professionals who could do the ground work of  "helping others" ( Second mistake!). Over time, I realized most of the volunteer work is done by non-medical volunteers in any Organization.

But here ,I am ,3 months ( Insha'Allah) away from graduating from Dental School & yet I have not done anything about fulfilling my dream. I am in the "mad race" to prepare for my Post Graduation Entrance Examinations & also to settle down. ( Third Mistake!)

All during my school years in Qatar, I thought , I would start with Volunteer work after I come back to India for college. Yet here , I am, with no absolute record of any work in the past 5 years in India ( Besides the free Dental Camp / Polio Camps from college)

Now , I am waiting for the next phase of my life to happen so I can start with the "work".  Putting it off, again ! :(

I am the kind of person who follows every rule to the dot, who makes sure a hundred times that others aren't hurt before I make a decision,who doesn't utter a word against,if it is spoken by someone elder to me.

Now , I want to break free from all this. I want to live my dreams. I know, I am going to face quite a lot of hardship with the same... But, Insha'Allah. I believe

I ask myself, "What is the point of having a dream,if you are not willing to work for it?"

(PS : This post is written just to motivate myself or maybe even remind myself ,later, that once upon a time I had a dream so... )