MCD - 6

Oct 24, 2011
It was July 2009

The University examination of Third year season.....

It was the first time we were having clinical examination (since first two years are mostly pre-clinical years!) - meaning we would be graded for the examination from the way we dealt with the patient,case history , so forth & so on..

Subject of Preventive & Community Dentistry. Nerve wracking times. Its the clinical viva  time for me..made a whole lot of mistakes !!! The only thing I remember the Professor/ Head of Department saying to me was : "You will never become a good professional" and my already tainted confidence level became negative 100 maybe !!!!!

(I donot know why we often forget the innumerable praises others load on us but often takes with us that  one negative ,sarcastic comment and most often never heal from that!! )

Let me frankly say, I hated that particular professor all through my clinical years. I literally hated going for any community related work if he was in charge. I always felt he too had the same feeling of hatred towards me :D :D ( I agree, childish !)

Fast forward, Sept 2011. Graduation Day. Besides the regular momento,scroll etc , I get called on stage for the Subject Topper Award in  (same subject!!) Preventive & Community Dentistry and I had to receive the award from the very same Professor !!!!!

Somewhere along the line , that one statement had always been a source of motivation for me, though it has always been to prove him wrong. But nevertheless it became an inspiration to work harder!

So then , motivation can, at times, come from sarcastic comments too, isn't it ?

..and thinking of it now, I no longer have that feeling of hatred towards him anymore!!!