Tiny souls

Aug 22, 2013
My heart is feeling numb.

Since last week, I am having a heavy-hearted feeling. Egypt. Syria. Egypt. Syria.

Then yesterday, early morning, I read of the chemical attacks in Syria. My twitter TL is running, literally running with all the updates, videos and pictures. I do not have the strength to see most of them...but eventually I did see three of them.

A girl child is so traumatized after the attacks and all she is screaming is, "I am alive, I am alive". The pallor of her face and skin doesn't go unnoticed.

A baby boy is convulsing due to the inhalation of the gas and is in his final few moments. In all this, he shows his right index finger up. Usually this is taken as an indication of the Shahadah.

A medico who treated the cases explaining in detail of the casualities he has seen ..and finally sobbing in tears with the prayers, " May Allah accept it from them ".

I am in tears and in pain. Hence I write this.

Why doesn't the international media talk against the tyrants? Why are we letting so many innocents die? Would I and you be asked on the Day of Judgement about the innocent people being killed, that we didn't do anything in our power and strength to prevent it ?

I pacify myself, the atrocities committed by the tyrants will never go unnoticed by Allah. On the Day when there will be no shade, HE shall question them for every action of theirs and shall inflict them with the punishment they deserve.

O little children, I pray you are safe under His Arsh, peaceful and happy.
 I pray you are in a place where in no grief shall touch you, where no words of contempt will be ever spoken against you.
 I pray you will be the reason for your parents to enter Jannah and that you are given the right to intercede on their behalf and be Shafee'an Mujaba' (accepted intercessor)

Will you accept if we say we are really sorry , we couldn't protect you enough in this dunya?

I leave you with this documentary - Tiny Souls