1434--> 1435

Nov 4, 2013

At the beginning of last Muharram, I remember tweeting, '1434, be good to me.'

In 1434,

I have tried my level best in strengthening my relationship with Allah. (May Allah keep us firm on His Deen)

I visited the Holy Lands after a gap of around 16 years. Had continously made dua to bless me to visit.

I completed my dental licensing in Doha after a wait of around 8 months.

I got my first ever job. It was nothing like I expected it to be, still Alhamdulilah, an experience of it's own.

I finally, with all certainty closed off certain uncertainty.  Alhamdulilah.  Some times, we have to just make a strong decision, Allah helps us with the rest.

I completely cut off myself from certain 'friendships'.Dont know why I am writing this as an achievement, but for me , personally it is an achievement. I cannot keep myself away from certain people even though I know with all my heart it is a toxic friendship, thinking it will hurt them. Now, I have learnt, other's happiness should not be at the expense of one's own mental peace and contentment.

By towards the end of the year, slowly learning, from obstacles and failures, what I truly want for myself from life.

There is a continuous dua I have been making throughout. It isn't His destined time yet.

On this last day of Dhul Hijjah,  1434, I wish and pray for a year more in:

Earning His pleasure.
Opportunities to be closer to Him.
Sakina, Mawaddha and Rahma.
Personal contentment.
Professional success.
Opportunity to do Master's Program.
Righteous friends.
Protection from Hamm, Hazan , Ajaz and Khasl.
Read more, sleep less.
Live more and fully each day.