Nov 22, 2013

I just finished reading, Fawa'id,  A collection of Wise Sayings by Imam Ibn Al Qayyim Rahimahullah.  

The book is filled with wisdom after wisdom. Every sentence will make us ponder. After one reading of the book, I think I might have absorbed only 0.001 % of the wise thoughts in the book. I intend to read it again, InshaAllah.  

There is one sentence which took my breath away, caught me off-guard.  

"The beauty that is contained in the inner and the outer elements of this worldly life and the Hereafter, comes from the effect of His creation. What then, is the extend of the beauty of the Creator?"  

Subhana Allah. Subhana Allah.  

We are swayed by beauty. We are enthralled by the magnificent chromatic symphony of the sunrise. We are left speechless when we witness the lush green gardens with streams flowing by. The snow-filled landscapes or the heavenly downpour of rain makes us to stop for a moment, just to observe the aesthetic treat to our eyes. This is the beauty of this world. So how will the beauty of the Hereafter be?  

Indeed, if this is the beauty of the created and the creations, what will the beauty of The Creator be?

How I long to see the Beauty of My Lord. How I long to hear the word of 'Enter' !  

Ya Allah make us amongst your righteous slaves.
Ya Allah make us amongst the inhabitants of the Garden with nearness to You.