Festival of Words.

Dec 15, 2013

For the past 7 days, after waking up, my first thought was 'Oh...what will I write today'. It reminded me of writing English essays in school, at the last-minute. I read countless blogs, beautiful ideas and interacted with many bloggers. (the most I have interacted with, in all my X years of being in the online world -an introvert, offline & online ! :D )  

Taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words was a different experience for me. I don't call myself a writer or blogger. I mostly write when I am feeling low. I write to clarify my thoughts and it helps me to look at my situations from a different angle. Writing has been my refuge and the written word has helped me in masking my pain. I write because I convey my thoughts and feelings better through it, than a conversation.

This would be a summary of my experience and observations...

●With one word given as a prompt, there were nearly 50+ entries for each. Just one word can lead to such a creative splurge of different thoughts, varied emotions, stories and incidents. Colourful kaleidoscope of thoughts from just one word!

● Each and every blogger tried their level best to interact with others and read through their entry. When veteran bloggers (say, what, 2 million hits?) read and comment on your blog, it is a beyond happy feeling. Everyone took to Corinne's advice of 'pay it forward.'  

● Reading through many blogs, I got to know, some have demanding jobs or are mothers to small children, yet almost everyone did a wonderful job of updating 7 posts, inspite of their hectic schedule. When a definite goal is set, we can always find a way out to achieve it.

● For me personally, I am no seasoned blogger, neither do I update 7 posts per month. Last week was the hardest, with being quite busy at home, ill health plus a terribly slow internet (read 40kbps :D), still managed to update, read other blogs and comment. *happy dance* (I know, I haven't read all of your blogs, but in due time, InshaAllah, I shall do it. Apologies !)  

●Positive comments, constructive criticism helps in improving ourselves.

 ●Writers can come in any shades - mothers, housewife, corporate employee, doctors, students. As long as you have the flair and interest to write, you have every technology right in front of you to write and publish it to a wider audience.

●.. and, yeah almost all of us are crazy about books and most have started their reading journey with Enid Blyton.

● 7 days got over way too fast !

Looking forward in taking part in other Write Tribe festivals and prompts. (and frequent blogging and writing, maybe!)


  1. Vidya Sury said...:

    :-) And it is a pleasure to meet you, iihahs!


  1. payal agarwal said...:

    writing helps..happy blogging! :)

  1. iihahs said...:

    @Vidya - ... and likewise ! Thankyou for stopping by. :)

    @Payal - I hope to continue. Thank you :)

  1. Mysoul said...:

    It has been a pleasure reading you too. :)

    Wishing you experiences that build you this coming year. Happy New Year 2014!

  1. iihahs said...:

    @Mysoul -Thank you. New year wishes to you too.