The content.

Dec 1, 2013
Being a very private person, I have kept this blog away from most people I know. Also, I have never joined in any blogger forums, groups, etc until now. This blog was mostly a 'Dear Diary' started in my 2nd year of college,  where I could vent my frustrations. My initial thought was, who would be interested in another person's rant ?!

After hearing some reviews from some tweeps and two of my closest friends and their advices telling me to keep this blog public, I am doing so now. I have joined a couple of blogger directorys too.

As the readership of this blog grows, I am on a fix, as to what topics should I blog about. After all, if other people are reading, there should be some beneficial content !

... and so, I have decided on these few topics. (I dont know if I will purely stick to these. Anyways,  I shall try)
      ● Excerpts from any interesting book I read. Book reviews.
      ● Notes from my Tafseer sessions.
      ● Literary work.
      ● Relevant topics to my community -Malayalee Muslimah.
      ● Personal opinion, funny incidents, and life everyday.

Do let me know, if you have any more suggestions.
Thank you.
(Edit : Fighting my blog-introversion and hence added Google Friend Connect and Subscribe by email )