To Teacher, With love.

Dec 13, 2013

Being a shy, dreamy kid in an over achieving family will make you often feel like a fish out of the pond. All through my Junior and Middle school, I considered myself as an average child with no special talents, neither in academics nor in co-curricular activities.

  ....and, then I met a teacher in 8th standard. Bubbly and energetic is what any one would describe her at first. She taught us math - most high schooler's dreaded subject. Her unique way of teaching us the subject made almost all of us to fall in love with numbers and equations. For three consecutive years, she taught us just more than math.  

One of her foremost principles was 'always respect people'. Respect the lab attendants, the cleaners and other non-teaching staff in the same way you respect your teacher or Principal. Respect should not be based on profession, financial status, age or gender. Respect all people - she taught us.  

Believe in yourself was the lesson she instilled in me, personally. I believed I was incapable of scoring good marks in math or doing well in physics. She saw the potential in me way before I did. She appreciated me for who I am. As kids, one of the greatest gifts a parent or teacher can give is positive validation. As long as you ready to put  in your effort and hard work, success can be yours, she said.  

Over three years, she inspired me in a way no one else had. What helped was she didn't know anyone in my family other than me. So I was not under the undue pressure to keep up. Her impressions or expectations from me was not due to others associated with me, but due to my own abilities and talents.  I started loving math and doing well in studies(lottery of genes worked there :D)  Eventually I went on to secure top scores in math in 9, 10 n 12 th grade. As a 7th grader, that would have been the last I expected from myself !  

When given with a challenge, one of my first reaction, as a kid was , 'It is not possible for me to do it'. Her kind and encouraging words helped me in improving my self esteem and confidence. As I grew up and left home for college, it helped me in facing many adversities I had to battle with. So much so, challenges thrill me now. It is one of the easiest way to make us step out of our comfort zones.  

Eventually she left our school and I lost touch with her. Everytime, the thought of 'I cannot do it' cross my mind, I look back onto the memories of her kind, smiling face telling me to never stop believing in myself.    

Good teachers leave an indelible mark in the life of their students and the effect of the lessons they have taught linger long after the students have left the gates of their school.

(I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th – 14th December 2013. This is the sixth post in the 7 day series. Wohoo, I made it this far in my first ever attempt of any blogger events )


  1. Kalpana Solsi said...:

    Teachers leave an indelible mark on our minds. That the reason teacher are highly respected and teaching is a noble profession. An encouraging teacher can bring out the latent talent in a child.

  1. Kalpana Solsi said...:

    Teachers leave an indelible mark on our minds. That the reason teacher are highly respected and teaching is a noble profession. An encouraging teacher can bring out the latent talent in a child.

  1. Kathy said...:

    Amazing how those great teachers stand out and how much they influence us and teach. This was a lovely tribute to your teacher. ♥

  1. Shilpa Garg said...:

    There’s no question that teachers can have an incredible impact on the lives of their students. Great teachers can spark inspiration, confidence, and instill values that last a lifetime, well beyond the confines of a classroom. This is a wonderful tribute to your Maths teacher!

  1. So many teachers teach us an invaluable lesson , not just from a textbook but of life, and sadly we never get to thank them at the time.
    I know the feeling.


  1. Mysoul said...:

    Your admiration for the teacher comes through your words. Respect, Acceptance and that gentle Push go a long way in the Learning Teaching profession. Such a lovely tribute to your teacher. It would be so wonderful if you sent this to her as a letter or maybe ask her to drop in on your blog :). Teachers rarely hear appreciation.

  1. How lucky to have crossed paths with this wonderful teacher! If all teachers could encourage students like this could you imagine how each child would succeed?!

  1. iihahs said...:

    @Kalpana - I concur !

    @Kathy - Thank you for stopping by.

    @Shilpa - Thank you for your kind words.

  1. iihahs said...:

    @Roshan - yes, sadly, some times we dont even take the effort to do so !
    I shall check out your entry now.

    @mysoul -Thank you so much for your kind words. Now, you are giving me ideas. I am trying to get in touch with her, ever since I saw your comment.

    @Robyn - I was indeed blessed to have been taught by her.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    A good teacher is one who inspire and inculcate goodness and self belief in you. It's so good of you to pay tribute to your teacher. RESPECT:)

  1. iihahs said...:

    @Vishal - Thank you very much! :)

  1. Suzy said...:

    A nice tribute to your teacher. Teachers like her are few and far between. You were lucky to have someone like that.