My College Days 1

Aug 6, 2011
I just have a few more days in college. Planning to write those small things I learnt , besides the actual degree...

It was August 15, 2006. Dad dropped me at the new hostel. I had a huge and horrid shock seeing my new abode(Unhygienic).Finally settled on the new place still, cos it was embedded in to my head that things are not going to be as cosy as it was in Doha, by my mom and sis.I thought this was part of being 'not cosy'

A whole lot of girls from different part of India were there in the hostel...from Assam, Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar....They had joined a few days earlier and so by then had jelled up!

....& then I realized everyone around was speaking Hindi, a language which I totally abhorred, having to learn in school cos I could never really understand it then.Too much of talk, and laughter .....&  I couldn't be a part of it. Having grown up in a school where I had the same set of friends for 12 years, I was finding it real hard.

Little did I know then ,it was the begining of a long journey which taught me lots....

........to adjust with people from different places speaking different languages with different attitudes having different belief!