Aug 13, 2011
I realized all my stories are being too depressing. Completely opposite of the person I am .

So here goes, some happy times.

It was Sept 21, 2006

A month after I came down to bangalore. Some of my old school freinds planned to go for an outing to Wonder-la ( Water theme park), around 9 of us.

That was the first time I was goin out on a full-fledged trip with just friends & no family.

Had an amazing time & in a way helped in dispelling the home sickness feeling. Today all the 9 of us are in different places, some are abroad doing their master's, some are working, rest I donot know...I have lost touch with almost all of them except one or two...

Whichever position of life they are in now, I hope & pray that they are forever blessed by Lord's bountiful blessings...

.....For the memories of that one day we spent in the waters & laughed with no care in the world !
From the Flickr album by Chitrasudar