Aug 6, 2011
The second year of college was pretty tough for me. I was handled by some Professors who put into my face bluntly that I was incapable of studying or doing those Pre-clinical exercises.

Final two months came by.Worked with all my heart and head. Was in a mad rage to prove those people who belittled me. Prayed as much as I could.

Exam went good, but finally when the results, the results of 2 other classmates and mine were withheld at the University. Initially ,as usual, I blamed myself, thought I had written the Roll No. in the OMR sheets wrong. Later came to know it was a technical error at the Univ.

It was Ramadan when all this hungama happened. Prayed with so much of anguish & desperation, in a way I have never prayed before ( Now Looking at it ,it seems too silly ,but then I thought that was the end of the world :D )

Finally a week later, my results came. I topped, surprisingly. Alhamdulilah.

All praise to Lord Almighty.

.....& I learnt, a prayer of a fasting person doesn't go unanswered !