Aug 13, 2011
It was the April of 2007.

I was close to her.Pretty close to her...she heard my every conversation on phone, she saw my every mood, she knew about all my close friends from school... 'She' was my room mate.

.... & then my money started getting stolen. Little by little, initially & then later to bigger amounts.

Time & again, all the evidences pointed to her. But I was too scared & hurt to confront her. Initially did not let my parents or friends know about it.

I could never confront her directly, neither did she ever accept the fact. She always said she was misunderstood. I doubted myself in even having accusing thoughts about her. I still donot know what the truth is. Or ever I will get answers to all the lies she said me.

It was January of 2009.

After having a long day , finishing my pending Oral Pathology Project, was walking back to my hostel from my friends. It became late , almost 9 in the night. I was carrying my laptop bag +college bag (which resembles a laptop bag too ) on my either shoulders. Suddenly a bike slowed down & snatched my college bag ( I presume supposing it to be the laptop bag ) . For a minute there, I did not know how to react. By the time, I regained my senses, the bike had taken a good head start. Though some of the friends who saw the incident went behind the robbers, they could not get hold of him. I never got my bag back. Nothing valuable , there was, except for my Oral Path Project which I had to start & complete all over again in a gap of 2 days.

The second incident never left its mark on me much, besides to be careful while I walk in the night.

But the first incident made an imprint on me forever...

I realized the people who can stab you worst are the ones whom are you most close to. As for the harsh words/actions of unknown people whom you meet on life's ways, it can never really impinge !

Be careful before you open your heart to some one !