Aug 7, 2011
Every Monday of First year ,we had a viva on Dental Materials, which means our Sundays used to go mostly preparing for it.

The topic was 'Dental Cements' in which we gotta know every minute detail of every cement we use in dental practice like compressive strength, tensile strength, yield strength ,blah blah (I think Civil Engineers can understand what I am talking about! )

One particular Monday & my viva did not go well.The lecturer handling it ,Dr. S gave me a 'lecture; in fact :
"I know you have done well in school, but you are taking college a little too lightly. The next 4 years can make your or break you. Finish your course, learn your work well , go back home & establish yourself "

Over the course of my non-clinical & clinical years , Dr. S ended up becoming one of my favorite Professors & a Dentist I look up to.

Even today, though he is no longer associated with our college, I know , if I have a doubt regarding any aspect of my field, I can sure ring him up !

Salute , Sir !