End of lives at the end of a rope !

Oct 6, 2013

Back in June, I was just skimming through my FB newsfeed and I saw a 'Rest in Peace' post on one of my senior's FB wall, by her class mate. I immediately messaged a fellow cassmate and asked her what happened to S (as we shall refer her here). I never expected to hear what I heard. 'She suicided due to some marital troubles'. I donot know if it was suicide itself or murder by her in laws, as was claimed by her family.

To know that one of my own seniors was no more, was a difficult fact for me to digest and believe. She was one of the first few seniors I came to befriend in college, since we stayed in the same hostel.

A few weeks ago, I came to hear of the sudden suicide of a lawyer-beautician-business woman. I cannot express in words, my shock on hearing the news. I had just met and interacted with the lady a month prior to the incident. She was well educated, financially well off and a reputed lady in her community. Seeing her lifestyle and smiling nature, no one could have ever even thought that she would ever take such a fatal step.

.......and we all would have read of the suicide story of Jiah Khan, a young famous Bollywood actress of Ghajini fame.

That brings me to this post. Suicide. What pushes a person to take that final step? What are her thoughts right before? Why cannot we or the close ones, most often, not ascertain or even just have a clue of the difficulties the said person is going through?

I used to think the rich and the famous would be happy. But reading of many celebrity-suicides, we can, with finality, say fame and money alone cannot bring true happiness.

Happy FB pictures with kid, spouse, friends donot always mean the person is truly happy- so teaches me one of the above incidents.

Education. Spouse. Kids. Family. Beauty. Why should a person who has everything we consider as essential requirements of a well-settled life, ever have to take such a fatal step, we wonder...

Then I recall a casual tweet, I had read on my twitter timeline, ' Had it not been for my faith, I would have been mud by now'. That, precisely that, is what can help a person from taking away her own precious life. Undying faith in a higher power. A merciful and beneficient God, who knows your every tear, every trouble, every feeling of distress ! Who teaches you by way of adversities and obstacles , your own strength and your resilience. I recall one of the oft repeating Ayah (verse) from the Holy Qur'an - No soul shall be tested beyond its scope. Meaning your troubles are tailor-made for you. He alone knows your capabilities and strength to face your sadness and despair.

Faith in God. Faith in the Hereafter, a place where justice will be served. Faith in destiny -good or evil. A triad that will help us in overcoming difficulties.
To any person going through such thoughts, I have only one sentence to say : You cannot be replaced !  Your role in this world can be filled only by you.

I leave with one of my favourite verses from the Holy Qur'an.  "For indeed with hardship will be ease. Indeed with hardship will be ease " (Verse 5 & 6 of the 94th chapter - Surah Sharh) The verse doesn't say after hardship, there will be ease. It says, with hardship,  there is ease. As we are going through our difficulties,  there is another way opening up for us! Most often, it is just not evident to us !