Oct 20, 2013

If I have wished some one on their b'day once, I can usually remember the date every year. I remember most of my close friend's date of completion of internship. So goes with the date I reached Bangalore, joined college, left Bangalore , so on and so forth. My friends said me I am weird, and I believed them.  

I was reading daofto.com the othe day and the blogger talks of her eidectic memory. That set me thinking about my own memory. I don't have eidectic memory, but I do have a weird sort of memory. Until now, I have never thought of it as a gift or blessing. It was always a weird aspect of my life to me. Imagine remembering every minute detail of a friend/acquaintance when they don't even remember your name! I can recognize the people from my school though I might have never talked to them back in school or I can read a name and just simply remember reading her name in Clarion or so! Or imagine recalling chat conversations !  

I asked my siblings and mother too whether do they recall incidents from childhood, remember dates etc and they too said yes ! Wondering why it never occured to me until now, it was a positive thing. Not something to be ashamed of...sigh!  

During my final year of college,  I felt I was forgetting things that I learnt, whereas earlier I could recall facts well. Apparently, stress and depression decreases your ability to recall facts and statements. How I wish, I knew all this back then and would write  my exams in peace, with out taking stress !  

The  subtle facts we learn about ourselves as we grow up...