Oct 28, 2013

( I usually avoid any of my notes on my blog because I am a stumbling student and I am afraid if ill write anything wrong due to my ignorance. Looking through my notes from last Ramadan, (1433) Surah Maryam....I came across this piece I had written back then.  Brought a smile. May it be of some benefit to those who read )

Like every word  from the Holy Qur'an, Surah Maryam is a perfect reminder for every human being. It is a more personalised reminder for every single muslim girl.

In the saddening situation of a pregnant lady in pain, faraway from her family and community,  Allah provided Maryam AS with water and food. He provided for her a small river so as to drink and quench her thirst and also commanded her to shake the trunk of the palm tree, so that fresh dates will fall upon her.

In situations of adversity and difficulties,  we have to do our part, exhaust all the opportunities and take the means. Then Allah will provide for us our small rivulet and palm tree.

When the people were accusing her of being unchaste, Allah willed for Isa Aleyhi Salam to speak from the cradle so that tongues stop wagging and the name of his beloved mother is cleared up.

In the same way, Allah will provide you, your rizq (provision). In the deepest of thoughts and darkest of phases, remember that, He will provide. He is ar Razzaq.

(A good source to study Surah Maryam in easy to understand English is the tafseer session by Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda, uploaded on muslimmatters.org )